Saint Patricks Day 2021 Part 1

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Saint Patricks Day Limerick 2021 Part 1 🇮🇪

Absolutely Disgusting And Appalling Scenes In Limerick City On Saint Patrick’s Day 2021!

This was by far the worst “SAINT PATRICKS Day” in the city to date, bar none.

Not only could we, count on one hand how many individuals that even made the effort to wear a bit of Green on one of the most important days of IRISH HISTORY and in every year, but after 12 laps of the city we could count on one hand how many people were out celebrating OUR HISTORY Yet THOUSANDS prepare to take to the streets tomorrow at thomas street at 2PM in aid of “IDENTITY EQUALITY” more propaganda BS to attempt to distract from the real issues and more of the governements ‘divide and conquer’ tactics.

ROSA – Socialist Feminist Movement Blatantly Organising the protest time tables on their twitter account for the days AFTER ST PADDYS DAY ! 18th, 19th, 20th !

ROSA protest gender-based violence in Limerick

#ReclaimTheStreets Pfffftffffffffffffffffffffffffffttt HOW ABOUT

RECLAIM PADDYS DAY ???!! #ReclaimPaddysDay

First it was divide the ‘black race from the white race’ and have them turn on each other through false flags, crisis actors and umptheen amount of mainstream media drivel before enticing the ‘gender wars’, in the middle of a pandemic when we should all be uniting together in unity to beat a so called DEADLY VIRUS ! No ! No ! No ! The Socialist Lefties are running scared, back peddling and there aint a dirty trick left in the book that the banking cartel has’nt already had Hitler use in World War II and they know it. All of their N-A-Z-I dirty tricks and propaganda are well played out, so much so that they are becoming transparent as the “fake pandemics”, they have overplayed their hands and as a result it is a great time to be alive to witness ‘The Great Awakening’too bad Limerick have’nt caught on yet, whatever happened to being “DOG WIDE” and “WIDE AS A GATE SHAM” ???


It’s a sad day in irish history when we are NO LONGER PROUD TO BE IRISH.

Wake The F*ck Up Limerick !

Well done to all the BRAVE irish men and women that defied the unlawful and unconstitutional COVID-19 tyrannical lock-downs and traveled to Dublin, Cork, Tralee and anywhere else protesting against the tyrannical regime

Happy Paddys Day To You 🇮🇪

But……….. as usual………….Facebook disagreed !!!!!

But……….. as usual………….I disagreed with them and re-posted it !!!!!

Happy Saint Patricks Day From Dan And Shell 🇮🇪

Read Part 2 here:

~DannyBoyLimerick (The Most Censored Man in Ireland)


OpWeCanSeeYou #DannyBoyLimerick

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