Russia And Ukraine: The Staged And Fabricated War

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The World Is A Stage Ukraine Russia Fabricated War
The World Is A Stage Ukraine Russia Fabricated War
Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion
Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion
Tornado Battalion
Tornado Battalion

Ukrainian walking tours.
Group rates available.
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Multi Ukraine Cameras from Kyiv Kiev Kijów Lviv border
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Marianna Podgurskaya Instagram
Marianna Podgurskaya is a profitable blogger and has amassed over 47k followers on Instagram
Marianna Podgurskaya Crisis Actor
Marianna Podgurskaya Crisis Actor

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Marianna Podgurskaya Instagram Account

Marianna Podgurskaya Instagram
Marianna Podgurskaya Instagram

Cult of Neptune

Prince Vittorio Emanuele IV of Savoy is the head of the Illuminati’s Cult of Neptune. Prince Vittorio has a residence in Geneva Switzerland where there is a statue of Shiva at CERN. Shiva is depicted in Hindu mythology carrying a trident. The trident is also a symbol for Poseidon or Neptune. Shiva is called a destroyer in Hindu Mythology. CERN is called the European Organization for Nuclear Research. Robert Oppenheimer who worked on the development of nuclear weapons stated “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds” which is quoted from Vishnu-Shiva in the Bhagavad Gita. Prince Vittorio Emanuele funds the CERN program which are nuclear weapons that are being used to covertly oppress society. The Italian car company Maserati uses the trident symbol for its logo. There are statues of Neptune in Trieste, Florence, Naples, Bologna, Rome, and at the Doria Villa in Genova Italy. Prince Vittorio Emanuele IV is married to Marina Ricolfi Doria. The name Marina means a mariner of the sea. Neptune is the “god of the seas” and is also connected with fish symbolism. Dagon in the Babylonian Myth is known as the fish god. The Hebrew word dag means fish. The Roman Catholic bishops wear the mitre fish hat of Dagon and these hats appear like the mouth of a fish. Leviathan is the name of a serpentine fish in Hebrew Mythology and its description fits with the mitre hat. The Percy family of Northumberland use waves on their coat of arms. Waves refer to oceans or water. Duke Ralph Percy and his son George Percy are members of the Cult of Neptune. The Percy family are intermarried and deeply connected with the Muslim royalty. The Percy family put the seven pointed star in the Islamic Five Percent Nation logo. Seven represents Neptune.

The Costa Concordia was a cruise ship from Genova that sunk in 2012 and killed 32 people. The Leviathan II was the name of a whale watching boat that capsized and killed 6 people in 2015. The MV Sewol ferry sunk in 2016 and killed 304 people. Malaysia Airlines uses a three pronged kite for its logo which resembles a trident. Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared into the ocean. These were all sacrifices carried out by the Cult of Neptune. Trident Nuclear Programme is the name of the UK’s nuclear missile systems. The UK’s nuclear submarines were involved in searching for Malaysian Flight 370 and was likely planting nuclear bombs in the ocean. Many believe that the military has the capabilities of using nuclear weapons to cause tsunamis and earthquakes. Program Seal was a United States and New Zealand program to test the capabilities of using nuclear weapons to cause tsunamis. Some claimed that the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami was caused by a nuclear weapon. More than 227,000 people died from that disaster. Halifax Explosion was a non nuclear explosion that occurred in Nova Scotia and the blast caused a tsunami that hit the native Mi’kmaq people. They estimated about 2000 people died from the explosion and tsunami. Most disasters are caused by satanic cults and most involving the ocean are related to the Cult of Neptune. Seven is a number connected with Neptune. On 7/7/12 the Krasnodar Krai floods killed 171 people and Russian official Vasily Krutko was fired and found guilty of negligence for not warning the people. Cloud seeding is very common including in Russia.

The House of Bernadotte are top members of the Cult of Neptune. They use ocean waves on their coat of arms and King Carl XVI Gustaf and his son Prince Carl Philip were both members of the Swedish Royal Navy and they both can be seen wearing naval caps frequently. The Bernadotte family have seven stars on their coat of arms. Seven represents Neptune and reflectivity just as water is reflective. Seven is considered a lucky number in gambling. The name Savoy is connected with the German word söven which means seven. Wishing wells are material sacrifices to Neptune similar to the concept of gambling. The House of Torlonia have a seven pointed star on their coat of arms and they work closely with the House of Savoy.

Evelyn Rotschild

The Rothschild family are vaguely mentioned the guardians of the papal treasure in the Jewish Encyclopedia. The Rothschilds have banking contracts with the Torlonia family who are the Vatican’s treasurers. Roth-schild means red shield. Guardians and shields are not owners.

Evelyn Rotschild
I Support The Current Thing
I Support The Current Thing

HOLODOMOR (The Real Holocaust)

Within 18 months during 1932 and 1933 over seven million Ukrainians men, women and children were systematically murdered in an enforced famine created by Stalins bloodthirsty Communist regime in Moscow.


Zelenskies 7 Billion Per Month To Fund HOLODOMOR 2.0

Ukraine used to be the poorest country in Europe. Seems being the doormat to usher in Holodomor 2.0 and the Great Reset is quite profitable.

Are The Commies Planning Their Holodomor 2.0 ?

What Is Loxism
What Is Loxism?
The Biggest Threat To The Establishments Agenda Is This
The Biggest Threat To The Establishments Agenda Is The Family Unit

👁️ Meet the Freemasonic Ciummei 👁️

👁️ Meet the Freemasonic Ciummei 👁️Mario Carlo Ciummei Melissa Ciummei Ciummei…
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