The illusion Warfare : The Russia And Ukraine Staged War

The illusion Warfare : The Russia And Ukraine Staged War

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Illusion Warfare Report: The Road to Ukraine.

-Join Twitter Handle @Lez LuTHOR as he LARPs hes way onto the Hollywood movie set we know as UKRAINE.

Will the matrix allow him to peak behind the curtains of a manufactured and manipulated world staged event?

The Journey begins…
On the 3/3 I took a flight from Luton, England to Krakow, Poland.

Via Poland seemed the easiest way into the Ukraine.

Note: all the 33’s.

Evan tho unvaxxed, I entered Poland with ease on the condition I left within 24 hours.

So I wasted no time, and took a train from Krakow to Przemysl.

The only sign of WAR was the name of the cafe’

Lights, Camera….ACTION!!!

Przemysl Train Station (the Refugee movie set)

A well planned stage managed route ensures the Ukrainians arriving are bottled necked and compressed into the ticket hall so the media can create the illusion of ‘hell on Earth’.

Visual effects are key!

Outside the Refugee train station, police vehicles leave the lights flashing.

Every 20 minutes, the sirens turn on and vehicle does a loop around the block.

Stage Management …

The ‘Video Village’ of Przemysl.
Here we find the director and producer of the refugee movie.

All staged photos need good lighting.

I am unable to find a hostel or hotel,
full of refugees you ask?

No! All the hotels in this town are taken up by the press

Whilst these scumbags sleep in luxury, poor Ukrainians are left to sleep at the railway station.

Creating more staged photo opportunities for the press

1min walk away from the movie set…
Life is normal.

Creating a Scene🎥🎬

Here you can see how perfectly fine doors are blocked by signs and volunteers(aka stage hands)…

Bottle necking everyone through one door, the camera crews set up to capture this manufacturing chaos for the cameras.

Strike a pose…

You larp as a photographer, il larp as a young man heading off to war.

The train into Lviv, Ukraine.

Lviv, Ukraine(Railway station)… another movie set.

I arrive around 2am, I help an old lady with her bags as she seeks information on travel to her home town of Odessa.
Once she is sorted with tickets I take a closer look around.
(The 33 continues to follow me)

Lviv Railway station…

Manufactured chaos once again, a curfew is enforced form 8pm till 8am meaning travellers can’t leave the station and are forced into participating the fully immersive 4D crisis experience, complete with props like the TRASH CAN FIRE.

The train into Kyiv

-I talked my way onto the overnight train.
(Around £5 and a warm place to sleep).

There are many Ukrainians heading back in.

Just for the record, you can just buy a regular train ticket into Kyiv, either online or at the station.

Trains are running as normal.

(4th March I arrived)

Filming around Kyiv train station was near impossible.
Talking/texting on the phone was ok.
The moment you turned the phone into the filming position… Agent Smiths with guns would appear.

(Agent Smith=Government/police)

I got pulled aside twice within 10mins.
So I left.

I take a walk to the supermarket, no signs of a war yet.

Only the very familiar feeling of a LOCKDOWN, is this the result of war? Or is this the government and corporations creating the illusion of a war to economically force People out of the city?

The Media claimed intense fighting had reached Kyiv.

I walk the street and see no evidence of this as of yet.

(6th of March)

My first Air raid siren… and no one cares.

Audio sound effects are another way to create the illusion of war.

(6th of March)

Illusion warfare tactics…

Shut everyone inside for a curfew and blast sirens across the city to scare the shit out of people.

(There is never a follow up explosion)

Everyone told me “there is no hotels or hostels in Kyiv, it’s a war zone!!”…

Truth, there is an abundance of places to stay!!

I picked a cheap hostel as I’m on a budget.

(so everyone understands, im a night club bouncer with about £1000 to my name).

Each day I wake up, grab a coffee and continue to walk the streets in search of a War.

I gave up on taxi drivers on day one, they wanted cash (which is hard to find in Kyiv as all ATMs are dry) but understandably they didn’t want the attention of driving a foreigner to Irpin.

Kyiv, Ukraine.
grannies walk their dogs as normal, the reporters wear flak Jackets.

The city of Kyiv is now a Movie set…

Come experience the illusion of war as we walk though the Hollywood set know as Kyiv.

PROPS such as abandoned cars, blockades and checkpoints are placed around the city by the visual effects team for a fully immersive 4D experience.

Tip: Always carry an item and receipt whilst walking around a movie set like Kyiv.

(There are many Agent Smiths in blacked out vehicles driving around)

There is lots of food in Kyiv!

If there are people in the city that can’t eat it’s more likely because they have been economically destroyed by the government shutting down any way to earn a living.

Alcohol has been prohibited.

I walk in the direction of Irpin and come across this hospital, there’s armed guards outside so I film the side.

Irpin is a 30min drive away, wouldn’t there be sounds of war? And wounded soldiers?

(Just think with this blank canvas how much digital overlay fakery is possible)

I walk and walk, getting onto the Irpin film set is near impossible.

The metro is open and running but has armed police that want to search you before entry.

It’s ‘papers please’ even for regular Ukrainians.

Kaboom!!!! Has a bomb lander close by????

No, the boiler fell off the wall and the water is spraying across the shower room slowly flooding the 1st floor.

Good news is I get moved to a room with a heater. Nearly had room 33.

The 8th of March…

And blizzard with coffee to start the morning.

After endless walking around the city for the past few days, I decide to revisit Kyiv’s main train station.

Another manipulated crisis situation that could be avoided if the government really cared about its people.

Still no visible signs of a war in the city.
Kyiv is the big cheese is this illusion, I have no interest in the hundreds of ex soviet empty and derelict villages.

The military has been using those villages for target practice and war games since the USSR fell.

The more people that leave Kyiv the more the city becomes a blank canvas… just think how many ‘soldiers fighting’ they could digitally add to this scene.

“The noose is tightening around the capital” -a reporter in Kyiv train station wearing a flak jacket whilst nobody else is.

It’s true, the station was mad busy a few days ago, but he has perfectly placed himself on the walk way, the lower levels are empty these days.

The Q(ueue) movement in Kyiv…

I would encourage people to look up ‘The Art of Queueing’…
Disney has invested billions into the psychological research of Queueing.

Queueing is a demoralising activity and very important in all PSYCHOLOGY OPERATIONS.

(Cue the Tank🎬🎥)

One tank drives down the street.
Do you think he’s just driving the long way to the front lines?

Or is this part of the illusion? ordering one tank down the street to scare people.

Believe it not, whilst I was filming this I had an army guy walking 2 steps behind me (I didn’t know of course).

He asked what I was doing here. I just replied “google said there is a supermarket close by, do you know where it is?”

(He spoke good English, he was a nice guy)

Running out of food they say….

Or maybe they are not aloud to work and earn money?
Maybe their right to ignore this and carry on living has been taken away.

Maybe the innocent Ukrainians are being economically forced into LARPing this war.

Filmed on the 9th of March.

Originally tweeted by Lez LuTHOR (@LezLuthor) on March 5, 2022.

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