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I have been a tech enthusiast for 25 Years, and got into blockchain technology a number of years ago mainly because of it’s anonymity, reliability and ease of use, we could basically send funds where we wanted, how we wanted and when we wanted , and all away from the preying eyes of the government on decentralized platforms (DEFI) and so i began to dabble in crypto, i quickly got bored of it after being caught on a few rugpulls (scams) before realising that the entire crypto trading platform was almost like a giant pyramid scheme, basically the early birds cleaned up on all new “pairs” and “tokens” . It’s a highly volatile and sporadic market so be super careful if ever investing in “coins” or “tokens” because you “Really” outta know what you are doing. I’ve since figured a lot of it out and there are many useful tools/software that you can utilize to carefully check the authentication of projects/ protocols and “Smart Contracts”, I hope to share my experiences and knowledge of same soon. It’s just a really pity that the powers that be could be taking the reigns of the blockchain and using it to control every aspect of our lives ,financially and with it our welfares. The only plus side to that is those of us fighting the good fight can use our knowledge to help our own kind in the not so distant future, if need be. It’s a real shame the wolrd is reshaping for the worst and it’s absolutely crucial that we are prepped for those “changes”, or risk being “Left Behind”. Remember we will all have to learn to adapt and survive , that’s if we even make it through the next few years with so much going against us. It’s imperative that we at least try to stay a few steps ahead of the game. Let me know if you ever want to hear about the various tricks and techniques in crypto in the comment section and i’ll compile a blog of them !

I have spent over 8 consecutive years working around the clock to expose all elements of the ruling class and wolrd leaders plans in achieving a ‘global fascist dictatorship and with it, world domination. What they have planned and what is coming , won’t be easy or pretty.
Our governments are being controlled by handlers through the United Nations, Papal Family Bloodlines, Committee Of 300, The Bilderberg, World Economic Forum (WEF), Davos, Zionist Oligarchs and Arabic Counts and Royals , just to mention a few, they must be exposed, I’m hoping to “wake” up as many of the “Sleeping Paddys” to the true going ons and help my own kind to see through as much of the smokes and mirrors, trojan horses and psyops as possible such as Covid and Ukraine before too late and I hope to achieve this through sharing my research, findings and through investigative journalism, citizens reporting , website design, marketing, social media all the whilst doing what I can to safeguard our childrens futures by raising and discussing the very ominous criminal issues and concerning nature of our government activities that are affecting Ireland today. It’s a non-nonsensical illogical shit show here in ireland at the moment and nothing that “they” say makes any sense, at all. Yet the majority of the sleep walkers and sheeple are buying it. It’s like pushing a giant boulder uphill the best of times trying to get through to the masses.

I’ll keep laying it all on the line daily to ensure that enough of the masses are informed to the true ‘going ons’ of the world and other current world affairs so that we can then do what is needed to protect our freedoms and democracies which the ‘powers that be’ are trying to take away from us under the guise of fake “Emergency Laws” and “Sustainability Goals”/Hoaxes. (Most of the irish are handing away their liberties and that is terrifying)

In doing so I have become subjected to severe scrutiny daily /weekly and have been targeted, gang stalked, slandered, abused, threatened, research discredited, ridiculed, a victim of character assassination, even death threats. All infamous traits of a freemasonary smear campaign.

Exposing corruption will always comes at a high cost however the cost of “doing what i do” is dearer in more ways than one ! ! !

The government are taking advantage of the irish’s kind, welcoming , hearty, trusting nature and most can’t see that. Something needs to give !

If The World Leaders, Big Tech, Their Censorship Teams Their”Fact Checkers” And Our Government Don’t Want Us Talking About It then There Is A Strong Possibility That, That’s Exactly What We Should Be Talking About

~Danny Boy Limerick

🇮🇪 💚🍀🙏

Danny Boy Limerick

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“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” ~ Voltaire