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An Incomplete List Of Antifa In Ireland (This List Will Be Updated Regularly, So Keep Sending As Much Intel As Possible)

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An Incomplete List Of Antifa In Ireland (This list will be updated regularly) I would strongly advice blocking each and everyone of the profiles so as to ensure that your Patriotic freedom and democracy groups, pages, channels, protests, movements are not thwarted by these sub-human degenerate freaks. It also would not be any harm at all to report every profile on the list for terrorism, hate speech, harassment, fascism or the likes, before blocking them.

Please share this list FAR AND WIDE, these parasitic paedophilia sympathizers and supporters pose a SEVERE risk to your children’s liberties. Antifa is classified as a terrorist organization in the USA and several other countries. Antifa is a far left, communist organization which has links to middle eastern terrorist groups, to other violent far left terrorists, to criminals, to drug gangs, international drug dealers and people trafficking gangs. Some members of antifa listed below have past affiliations with foreign terrorist groups.

Antifa are actively involved in the following: engaging in violent protests, looting, rioting and vandalism. There have been many news reports about this internationally. physically assaulting opponents, including  catholics, protestants, christians, jews, and other religious people, business people, professional peoples, the police, and any people they think are conservative, religious or right wing. – Threatening and intimidating people – Killing people in some countries – Lobbying and pressurizing police and politicians to not investigate or prosecute certain criminals and gangs in court – Making false allegations of racism and fascism against innocent people. And inciting hatred and violence against innocent people online and offline,  especially in public – Doxing and de-platforming opponents online and offline and in communities – Slandering and defaming innocent people in public and in communities and housing estates  – Holding counter protests to undermine the freedom of speech of others – Spying on people, data protection breaches, data privacy intrusions, stalking and following people, monitoring and surveillance of opponents with the objective of harassing innocent people.

ANTIFA NAZIs KKK All Cut From Same Cloth

This includes contacting the employers and landlords of their opponents to get them fired from jobs or evicted from homes. And includes passing on people’s private details to other more violent terrorist organizations and criminals – Calling for censorship of all opposing views online and in the press and media. Contacting the businesses which advertise on the press and media and pressurizing them with threats and false allegations of “racism”, “fascism” etc. to remove their advertising from specific press and media if certain views are not censored. This interferes with the Constitutional rights of a free press and free speech. – Pressurizing press and media organizations and elected politicians to follow antifa’s views and impose their narrow views on the population – Targeting elected politicians who they deem to be conservative or “right wing” – Acquiring arms and weapons Using NGO’s as a cover or smokescreen for their illegal and criminal activities. Many of these NGO’s get taxpayer’s money. – Some antifa are involved in abusing illegal drugs and illegal ‘house parties’. Some antifa are drug dealers. – They are anti nationalist and despise and hate national culture in nations.  They love and support globalism, mass migration and multiculturalism and they hate nationalism and see it as outdated. Many antifa support anti Irish racism and are anti Irish racists. – They support Open Borders and the people trafficking associated with it. This includes women and child trafficking.  – Plotting for and calling for the overthrow of democratically elected governments, and democracy itself, and imposing their form of communism or a red fascist style government on countries. – Imposing governments tyrannical “lockdowns”, unlawful “Mandatory”, “guidelines/rules”, unconstitutional “restrictions”, and dangerous untested experimental biotech gene therapy COVID JABS. – Rotschilds Minions *This has been confirmed by the police, military and security services in several countries. 

List of Antifa Members and Supporters in Ireland    Leah Doherty, one of the national leaders  Mark Malone,  one of the national leaders  –   Steven Bennett, Dublin antifa leader,  and one of the national leaders   –  Shane O’Curry, Dublin Antifa leader and one of the national leaders Shane O’Curry, is head of ENAR, the European Network Against Racism. They were set up and funded by the Terrorist Muslim Brotherhood. The HQ of the Muslim Brotherhood in Western Europe is in the Clonskeagh Mosque in Dublin. The directives of the Muslim brotherhood include open borders and speech control laws. Joe Loughnane (antifa galway) set up an affiliate of ENAR in Galway called GARN, Joe worked for CAGE in the UK, CAGE is an advocate group for terrorists and Joe’s boss at Cage is a convicted terrorist. Joe recently admitted to cocaine dealing and his paranoid rantings about racism are used by naive and gullible politicians to enact speech control laws. These NGO’s are funded with taxpayers money and they also receive funding from wealthy donors and foundations with sinister political agendas. Irish taxpayer’s money should not be used for criminal purposes.  Saoirse Bennett   –  Cieran Perry, politician, Dublin  Conor Reddy one of the Dublin leaders  Padraig Drummond, Dublin, linked to paramilitaries in northern Ireland  Garrett Mullan, politician, Dublin   Oghenetano John Uwhumiakpor, Dublin  –  one of the national leaders  Eamon Crudden, Dublin   Joe O’Brien, politician and TD, has attended a few antifa events in Dublin  Tom Byrne, Dublin  Jake Doyle,  Wicklow and Dublin and   and  many of his friends  are antifa  John Tighe, Dublin   Peter Richard Long, Maynooth, KIldare  Fionn Pollock, Dublin  Mark Bray, Dublin  Paddy Fleming, Dublin  Jo or Josephine McAteer, Dublin and KIlkenny  Thomas McDonnel, Dublin  American living in Dublin Tracy Canavan, Dublin  Dublin Fergus Jackson, Dublin  Dublin  Dublin  Florence Plummer, Dublin  

Aoife Geoghegan, Dublin    Sean Young, Dublin   Dublin  Dublin  Dublin   Wicklow / Dublin  Raymond Tuite, Dublin  Dublin   prominent antifa leader and editor of the Beacon, a radical communist publication National HQ for antifa in Ireland on Facebook  –  one of the antifa leaders in galway  –  Jimmy Clancy one of the antifa leaders in galway  –  one of the leaders of antifa in galway Joe Loughnane, Galway, people before profit party   –  one of the leaders of antifa in galway  –  very active antifa member in Galway  Caroline Stanley, very active in Galway  Elske Breathnach or Elske Walsh very active in Galway  Jessica Reid, very active in Galway  Brian O’Doherty, one of antifa leaders, Galway  Conor Dowling,  Galway  hardline  antifa, Galway  Joshua Forde, hardline  antifa, Galway    another page for Joshua Forde   –  one of the women leaders of antifa in galway  –  Joe Joyce, prominent antifa member in galway – Robin Koenig, prominent antifa member in galway  Dermot Browne, Galway  Oisin McDonagh, Galway  Cameron Loughnane, Galway  padraig brock, Galway  Callum McGinley  Galway   Galway   Cian Mortimer, Galway    and   Galway antifa groups on facebook  Conor Dolan, Galway    Barry King, Galway  Maxim Kelly, Galway  Tracy Lee, Galway  Paul Mulholland, Galway Gillan Hardesty, Galway  Niall O Reilly  –  leader of antifa in Sligo, very active, violent   Sligo  antifa  Paul McConigly  antifa leader in Mayo  –  leader of antifa in Donegal  Joe Craig, Donegal  – Dublin  one of the national leaders  Mary Cahillane Vallely, one of the Limerick leaders  James Tuohy, one of the Limerick leaders  Thomas Lake, one of the Limerick leaders  Daniel Ryan, one of the Limerick leaders  Limerick Limerick HQ for antifa on facebook  Paddy Magennis, Dundalk  Alan Holland, Dundalk   Lurgan, Armagh

htps://  Sean Murphy, Tipperary   Josh or Joshua Twohig    Caroline McCormack  –  Wicklow and Dublin   Navan, Meath   Aislinn or Aisling Wallace Wexford   Janet Sullivan  Denis McCool  Melvin Brennan  –  Cork city  –  Joe Moore,  Cork city antifa leader  – Charlotte O’Sullivan, one of the leaders in Cork city  Fiona O’Leary, Cork  Eric Foley, Cork  gerardy stewart, Belfast, northern Ireland  Belfast , northern Ireland  northern Ireland Christian Arra, Clare    Colin Clarke, Mayo  Anna Doyle, Wicklow   Solidarity/People Before Profit in each city and town are the party with the most Antifa links   John O Neill  Shane

Cullen, very active antifa member   Maura Moore  Bryan Wall  Diarmuid Mac

Dubhghlais  (Dermot McDouglas)  kildare antifa  British antifa with links to Ireland  Ella Downing,  British antifa  with links to Ireland  Gareth Murphy, British antifa with links to Ireland  Martin McGowan,  British antifa with links to Ireland  Maxime Cahill,  British antifa with links to Ireland  Ciaran Moylan, German antifa with links to Ireland   German antifa with links to Ireland   – Dutch antifa with links to Ireland 

Australia antifa with links to Ireland  American antifa with links to Ireland  Paul Killeen Swedish antifa with links to Ireland   Fredrik Österberg,  Swedish antifa  with links to Ireland

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