Conspiracy Theorist' vs 'Intelligent Man' SHEEPLE

‘Conspiracy Theorist’ vs ‘Intelligent Man’

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Intelligent man: Shouts at ‘Conspiracy Theorist’, Where’s your mask?! What if your carrying Covid?!

Conspiracy Theorist: Tells ‘Intelligent man’ the numerous studies showing the inefficiency of cheap cotton masks against viruses, gives data, unbias research documents from Scientists medical journals, explains how our lungs need to expel Carbon Dioxide so covering our mouth for long periods daily can be detrimental.

Intelligent man: Unless you’ve got a masters degree in Virology I’m not interested! (Doesn’t bother to look at the hundreds of links and documents from actual Scientific sources given)

Intelligent man: Why aren’t you social distancing? Have you not heard the latest Government advice?!

Conspiracy Theorist: Isn’t herd immunity about building up our natural resistance to pathogens, bacteria and viruses? Didn’t your parents and Grandparents support chicken pox parties at one time?

Intelligent man: You’re irresponsible! Vaccines is what builds herd immunity! We all need vaccines to stay healthy.

Conspiracy Theorist: There’s millions of viruses on the planet, how can we possibly vaccinate against every virus, especially as Scientists can never know how all viruses mutate and the ever growing number of new and evolving strains?

Intelligent man: We eradicated Polio, that’s evidence enough!

Conspiracy Theorist: How can a vaccine eradicate a virus from the earth? Does Chemotherapy stop everyone ever getting cancer again? Does use of anti biotics stop bacteria evolving to the point it ceases to exist?

Intelligent man: What about all the deaths on the news?

Conspiracy Theorist: If indeed we were in the midst of a wide scale pandemic, wouldn’t you at least know of a few friends and family, work colleagues that have died? There’s plenty of evidence that shows how the current numbers you are being told via mainstream media is not accurate. Far from it. If you go into hospital suffering a heart attack, but you have a positive antibody result for Covid, the figures will include your death as part of the overall death toll.

Intelligent man: Your a quack for thinking herbal medicine and homeopathy works.

Conspiracy theorist: Isn’t the saying ‘Prevention is better than a cure’? I use a combination of herbs, tinctures from herbal and plant extracts that have thousands of laboratory studies to prove their healing power, and if indeed they don’t work, why does The Queen and Royal family use a Homeopath and Master Herbalist, and have done for generations?

Intelligent man: So why doesn’t the Government and Doctors tell us to use ‘alternative’ medicine then?

Conspiracy Theorist: Health doesn’t generate wealth. Pharmaceutical companies like Astrazeneca make around $22 billion a year in revenue from their drugs. They partially fund Universities and Science research so they only teach the fundamentals of Germ theory, Vaccines, and to use GP’s as a legal drugs cartel to push their drugs.

Intelligent man: So what do you think is the answer then if you think you know it all?
Conspiracy Theorist:
I certainly don’t deem myself as all knowing. I do however question the mainstream narrative that never advocates healthy nutrition or mindfulness and stress relief which is proven essential to the function of our immune system with it’s foundation being in the gut microbiome. I believe in educating our children and ourselves how nature works for us, not against us, yet, as a human race, we have adopted a destructive process of working against the very thing that keeps us well. I believe in detoxing, eating a balanced diet free of pesticides and added chemicals that is poisoning the food chain and then our bodies. I believe in prayer, meditation and connecting with music, arts, reading books that evolve our awareness and clarity. All these things that are paramount for healing and helping our T fighter Cells to ward off invaders, are all the things the Government and NHS are not promoting during a so called Pandemic. Therefore, I do not trust anything they say, especially when the biggest killers in our country are related to a poor lifestyle.

Intelligent man: So what you’re saying is, I shouldn’t eat Mcdonalds or give my kids cola with their nuggets and chip dinner? Who do you think you are telling people what they should and shouldn’t eat?! It’s my choice!

Conspiracy Theorist: Exactly that ‘Intelligent man’. Informed choice. We all have a choice to respect our bodies and if we can’t even do that during a Pandemic, but rather wait for a vaccine whilst wearing masks and refusing to visit our elderly relatives, then we have failed terribly as a society, with no empathy or regard for everything we have that we’re given to nurture and heal.

Intelligent man: Oh go get your tinfoil hat! #wibble
???? Sound familiar????

All logic goes out the window trying to speak truth these days. I’d far rather be The Conspiracy Theorist any fucking day of the week based on nonsensical debates from those with brainwashed minds.
Intelligent man: can usually be found watching BBC or Sky news or joining the Wibble movement. During mealtimes which consist of a Rustlers microwave burger or ordered a heavily laden sugar, salt takeaway, then goes shopping with a mask on, to stock up on loo roll, whilst grabbing pasties and bottles of pepsi. May pick up a newspaper if it shows more Covid fear. Votes, then moans about the state of the country when the politicians are getting rich whilst children go hungry. Blames the conspiracy theorists.

Conspiracy theorist: can usually be found watching a documentary, reading books on spirituality, medicine, researching Scientific papers and Law. Sits down with family at mealtimes with Organic veg, homemade food consisting of whole nutritional value, low sugar & salt. Goes shopping without a mask, spends most of the budget on fruit & veg, stocks up on essentials like rice, oats, honey. Forages seasonal foods for free. Doesn’t vote because they know how corrupt the entire system is and then watches on as newly elected Government screw up the entire country. Prays for truth, blames the elite, Government and Pharmaceutical companies for the downfall in society.
Be the #conspiracytheorist & own it!

Source: Jessica

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