Saint Patricks Day 2021 Part 2

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Saint Patricks Day Limerick 2021 Part 2 🇮🇪

We went to snap up a selfie with what appeared to be the only Tri-Colour flying high on the most important irish celebratory occasion of the year yesterday down at St. Marys Cathederal and it was a great sight, unlike the 12 century churches neighbour THE LIMERICK COURTHOUSE who shamelessly raised the EU and United Nations flags on 2 poles leaving the flag pole that normally hosts the Tri-colour completely void of anything IRISH. It speaks volumes of who are government are committed to and where their intentions lay.

(For those of you that do not already know the rouge governemnt and marxists the ‘United Nations’ is merely a front for Zionism, the Banking Cartel, Red Shiled Mafia, Royals/Monarch and other undemocratic entities that are hellbent on removing your liberties, period)

We also could help but notice the sheer ignorance of the general public of Limerick who were all happily distracted taking pictures of a Non-Paddys day nature, snapping up images of landmarks, trees, each other and barely a piece of green material/prop/paraphenilia to be seen, as if that was’nt SHOCKING enough, not a single individual batted an eyelid to the hundreds of planes flying right above their heads every hour blitzing the skies with “Aerosols” creating a massive smog of chemicals, heavy metals and other substances directly in front of our sun these covert operations are known as SRM (Solar Radiation Management) operations which is a form of Geo-Engineering, the powers that be claim that these operations are needed so as to “Block Out The Sun” which will in turn “Cool down the planet” as a result of “Climate Change”…………

“Coincidentally” What do us humans need to deal with “viruses”or bacteria, boost our immune systems, aid with mental health, overall well being, vitamin D deficiency just to mention a few……. ?

The Sun.

Worrying thing about all of this……. This is’nt even a “Conspiracy Theory” anymore this is mainstream…………

Harvard’s Plan to Blot Out the Sun Is a Great Idea, Says Bill Gates
Harvard University could start tests experimenting with blocking a section of sunlight this June.

Bill Gates backs plan to tackle climate change by blocking out the sun

Harvard Scientists Begin Experiment To Block Out The Sun

A Bill Gates Venture Aims To Spray Dust Into The Atmosphere To Block The Sun. What Could Go Wrong?

what is more ominous than all of the above is the fact that not a single man, woman or child was batting an so much as an eyelid or speaking of nay of this ! Wow, Just Wow. I guess they must all either be too happily distracted or happily content that they are in great hands !!!!

But……….. as usual………….Facebook disagreed #Censorship #DannyBoyLimerick #DannyBoyCensored #opWeCanSeeYou

~DannyBoyLimerick (The Most Censored Man in Ireland)


OpWeCanSeeYou #DannyBoyLimerick

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