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They Don’t Even Bother Keeping It A Secret Anymore – The Cards Are On The Table – NWO AGENDA

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There is a new religion being propagated in the world which correlates with 11 different “-isms” that we have seen evolve in our society for the past century. These 11 “-isms” are all working towards the revealing of the antichrist and the false prophet.

00:00 – Introduction

02:05 – Antichrist & The False Prophet

07:13 – #1 Rationalism

08:00 – #2 Intellectualism

09:17 – #3 Environmentalism

12:07 – #4 Saftyism

13:19 – #5 Scientism

14:46 – #6 Governmentalism

17:33 – #7 Stakeholder Capitalism

19:33 – #8 Utilitarianism

20:33 – #9 New Communism

23:48 – #10 Transhumanism

26:20 – #11 Wokeism

27:28 – Ending ARISE THE NEW WORLD RELIGION!!..The Spirit of the FALSE PROPHET is HERE!!!!

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Danny Boy Limerick

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