Rumble Is Similar To YouTube But Without Censorship

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Rumble Video Sharing Platform helps you to manage your videos. It provides you the ways to make your video viral. It gives you the platform to add value to your video. It let you create your own video channel.

It enables you to host and distribute your video. Upload, share, broadcast and promote your videos around the web. We are a YouTube alternative, focusing on bringing value to video. it helps you make more revenue and better distribution within no time.

Rumble connects video creators to all points of the internet, from a single centralized video platform. There is no better place to host, share, distribute, and extract value from your video. For newsrooms or brands, there is no better place to connect with creators.

Specialities: Rumble Video Sharing Platform specialties are video, online video, video platform, video creators, digital rights management, content discovery and much more.

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What Is Rumble?

Rumble is a place for uploading videos and sharing them.

In that way, it’s like YouTube, another site where you can upload and share videos on YouTube. If you’re really good at that, you can become one of the top YouTube influencers (check out Top YouTube Influencers Small Business Trends ( and make money (How Much Money Do YouTubers Make? – Small Business Trends (

You can make money on Rumble too. Is it an easier platform for earning money? Can you make more money? Let’s explore.

An Introduction to the Rumble Video Hosting Website

Rumble isn’t a new website. It’s been around since 2013. That’s when it was launched by technology entrepreneur CEO and founder Chris Pavlovski.

In August 2020, Pavlovski felt YouTube was unjustly censoring and pulling select videos which did not conform to YouTubes own set of values and beliefs. In response to his belief, Pavlovsky decided to shift the focus of Rumble. Going forward, he said, Rumble would be a site that allowed creators of videos to freely express thoughts and views, without fear of unjust censorship.

That’s not to say that Rumble doesn’t censor any videos. A video which includes unlawful content, such as pornography or bullying, would not pass the editorial review process.

Rumble would adhere to the principle of free expression and be “immune to cancel culture,” Pavlovski said. Video content creators could post videos on Rumble, which would operate as a “free and open internet” site where users could post videos and free express their views. On Rumble, users would be free from “cancel culture” Pavlovsky said.

And at the same time, users would become profit sharing users, who could make money.

Rumble filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google Search in January 2021, claiming it controlled search results, meaning users searches didn’t freely explore all results. The lawsuit is ongoing.

Meanwhile, the use of the Rumble video platform grows. In 2021, there were 36 million average users per month. That’s an increase from 1.6 million users per month in 2020. In January 2022, Rumble had 39 million users.

How to the Use Rumble Video Platform

How to use Rumble video hosting is simple. It’s easy to join Rumble.

  1. Set up a Rumble account.
  2. Create a profile with your name, user name, password, address, birthdate and other information.
  3. Choose what type of Rumble account you want. You can have 3 choices: Free, Publisher, Business or Personal.

With each type of account, you’ll upload videos which are your own videos. Those videos will be shared by live streaming using the internet.

What are the differences between the types of accounts? Keep reading.

How to Make Money on Rumble by Uploading Videos

One basic difference between the types of accounts is how your videos will be used, and how you will be paid.

  1. Free account – Your videos will be shared only on Rumble. If you video is approved, you’ll make $50, and if your video makes the “front page” of Rumble you’ll make $100. If Rumble advertisers are connected to your video, you’ll earn 60% of the ad revenue.
  2. Publisher account – Rumble manages your videos. Your videos will appear on Rumble and Rumble may also share the content with YouTube and other social media platforms. You’ll be paid 90% of what the video earns on YouTube and 60% of what is makes on other sites. Rumble’s other partners include MTV, XBox, Yahoo, MSN and others.
  3. Business account – You’ll pay $25 a month for a Rumble Business account and enjoy ad-free viewing. Most business account users are uploading, sharing and selling stock footage.
  4. Personal – Your Rumble videos will only be shared with the family and friends you choose.

Pros of Using Rumble

  1. Good platform monetizing users videos with good titles, original content.
  2. Many users like that there’s no need to build subscribers before you start to earn money with your first video on the Rumble platform.
  3. Rumble editors help with your video platform titles and good descriptions.
  4. Rumble editors help with placement on chosen social media platforms (with the Publisher account).
  5. Emphasis on free speech ahead of censorship.

Cons of Using Rumble

  1. To date, YouTube has a stronger broad audience of users.
  2. To date, users report that Rumble can’t match YouTube’s upload speeds.
  3. Licensing Options – In order to use the Publisher Rumble platform, you give Rumble exclusive rights to manage and share your video. With non-exclusive users the video only appears on Rumble.
  4. Non-exclusive users of Rumble – those who retain rights to their videos – can only use the Rumble free account. You can earn money based on viewings on Rumble, but your video won’t be shared to other platforms.
  5. To date, Rumble doesn’t have enough subscribers to compete with YouTube. But stay tuned as the Rumble platform grows.

Rumble Vs. YouTube

Both Rumble and YouTube are free to join and provide equal opportunity. Which has the easier monetization rules? Each has different monetization rules.

Instant monetization is one of the things users like about Rumble. But with a non-exclusive license your video will only appear on Rumble.

YouTube’s path to monetization has particular requirements:

You need 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time before you start making money. Once you reach that threshold, you’ll earn $3 to $20 per 1,000 views (these are averages).

The site called Rumble has no subscriber number requirement, which is a plus for someone just getting started with a blog post.

Sharing a funny video with Rumble doesn’t mean you’re excluding YouTube. If you have a Rumble publisher account, your video platform may expand to the YouTube Channel and other sites.

Tips to Maximize Your Rumble Revenue

Here are a few more things you need to know that will help you earn the most money you can on Rumble:

  1. Don’t overlook specific videos you’ve previously posted on other sites. Rumble may use your old YouTube videos if you have a publisher account.
  2. You can make a little money by tagging videos on Rumble. You’ll earn .05 for each video you tag.
  3. Explore Rumble with a free account. Get started and see how you like the site.
  4. Do the math. If you don’t feel you’re making enough as your video is only viewed on Rumble, you can change your account to Publisher.

My Rumble Channel And Videos

You know the video you’re shooting is loaded with opportunities to go viral and for YOU to get paid, but that’s not happening… is it?

Introducing, a platform that brings value to your video! First, you Shoot your video Second, you Upload your video and third, you select your licensing option (opt for either profit sharing or sell it for upfront cash)

Within twenty-four hours, the Rumble algorithms, based on sharing and tagging, will determine the quality or value of your video.

If it checks out, we take you on the front page of rumble dot com and help place your content on MSN, YAHOO, XBOX, MTV and MORE.

Why Simple! We’ll give your approved content access to the outlets that monetize video over TEN TIMES better than YouTube. Stop giving your great content away and get access today to the market that delivers more revenue and better distribution. Upload your video today and see what happens. It’s time to Rumble!

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