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Craig Fitzsimons Garda Informer, Government Shill , Gatekeepers, M16 Intel ?

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Once Again Craig Fitzsimons Can Be Seen Engaging In A Lengthy Conversation With Members Of Law Enforcement Outside The Dail.


This Seems To Be A Regular Occurrence For Ex – Hotpress Journalist


The Wolf In Sheeps Clothing


Fitzsimons Claims To Have Gone Rouge And Is A Self Proclaimed Anti-Globlalist / Freedom Fighter All The Whilst Reinforcing The Existence Of The ‘Non Existing’ Covid Virus, Is Self Admittedly A Massive “Vladimir Putin” Fan, Supports The Mortells (Rethink Ireland), (Even GODs security guard put people wide to him 2 years ago), But fitzsimon carrys on lurking about the movement looking to sow division, antagonize and fuel the fire between Patriots And ANTIFA, when we should all targeting the ruling class, all political parties (bar none) and all those in power. Not the ordinary Joe and Karen Soaps. These are fundamental and ‘standard 101 textbook’ deflect and divert tactics used by paramilitary groups during Psychological operations and cyber warfare techniques and tools used by The Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group ( JTRIG) is a unit of the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), the British intelligence agency.

Before I go on posting every thing i have to date on Craig Fitz and begin building the largest profile on ” Craig Fitzsimons” available online , for the next number of weeks/months so as to keep the “True Patriots” safer, and stop the Intel gathering and data harvesting of protestors, he will most likely deny some, if not all, of what I am about to reveal, so…….. Here is an export file of the entire conversation that took place between Me and Fitzsimons on telegram Full Telegram Chat Exported (For starters) . I’ll post the messenger chats soon.

Craig also seems to be “placed within the community” to target Shinners and Antifa all the whilst promoting IFP and NP.

We have news for you Fitzy, You are wrong on both accounts. They don’t like or trust you either.

I Personally Sent Craig (On More Than Enough Occasions) These Links To Prove That The Virus Did’nt Exist And That Both Putin And Zelensky Are Of Jewish Descendants

Russia And Ukraine: The Staged And Fabricated War


Covid Does’nt Exist.


Instead he choose to leave all our groups, turn rouge, grassed on us all , carried stories over to the enemy and then wormed hes way in to the known controlled opposition (that we and a number of others had spent countless hours exposing) he now finds himself rightly cozy with all the , Gestapo, Stasi, Pied Pipers and other Regime Propagandists, an entire network of them.

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These “wolves in sheeps clothing” are “planted” within the community as “Gatekeepers” to, sow division, utilize delay/deflect tactics misinform and mislead the “free-thinkers” or anyone that opposes the “Occultist Hidden Hand” or “Shadow Government” , straight to the slaughterhouse.

I would like to say thanks to all the fellow “watchmen”, “Shill Hunters” and “Genuine truthers/researchers/free thinkers” working tirelessly around the clock out there, putting yourself in the trenches, laying it all on the line by sounding the alarm over the last several years, sacrifices have been made, reputations tarnished, online friends and family members have been lost and lots more put on the back burner. You are the real warriors of the so called “End Times”. The unsung Heroes.

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