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Pure Blood Ireland Group Is Controlled Opposition

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It has recently come to our attention that the group “Pure Bloods Ireland (“For The Unvaccinated Only”)” is controlled opposition , data harvesting operation and are blacklisting group members.

Unvaccinated Only
Unvaccinated Only

Does anybody actually know the admins of this private group?

Pure Blood Ireland


(I am appealing for anyone with information or intel on any if the individuals involved in these intel honeypot groups and channels to contact me through my website or any of the following Social Media Accounts


I was recently invited to this private group which i had falsely assumed (or at the very least gave them the benefit of a doubt) was a place where the unvaccinated could meet to discuss all things worth discussing, Uncensored and free of pesty / annoying admins and mods all tucked away subtly in a private group.

Upon the military industrial complexes assault on irish skies yesterday, I coincidentally noticed an increase in geoenginering /Chem-trail posts and activities in the “Pure Irish Blood” (Private Group For The Unvaccinated) , so i took it upon myself to assume that it would be ok for me to post my recordings of the attack from above to the group , along with the pictures and videos that i captured overhead us in Limerick City yesterday from about 11 a.m. To 4 P. M.

To my surprise (but not surprised) i went back a few minutes later to find that because my post was generating a lot of interaction and activity, the comments were disabled by admin, i said I’d reach out and ask why, that’s when they took my post down completely, with no prior indications or warnings or reason as to why.


I’m beginning to question the authenticity of this group and given that it is only open to the “Unvaccinated” I wouldn’t be surprised if this was another honeypot and data harvesting group run by 77th Brigade, Intel Arm Of The British Army using JTRIG Tactics, to radicule using such derogatory terms as the CIA coined “Tin Foil Hat”, “Conspiracy Theorist” discredit our research, brand us Cray Cray for merely mention such topics.

Here is the URL /Link of the Admin

Tadziu Zdzislaw


Tadziu Zdzislaw    https://www.facebook.com/tadziu.zdzislaw
Tadziu Zdzislaw https://www.facebook.com/tadziu.zdzislaw

And Here Are The Direct Links To The Posts Where He Is Attempting To Debunk Our Findings As Very “Natural Contrails”



Of course, it would only be reassuring to think that what he is saying is true, and they are perfectly “natural” contrails, but it appears hes attempts at debunking the blatantly obvious geoenginering sky assaults this time prove futile, not only is the evidence and proof stacked agaisnt him with the thousands of recordings that us irish have of the days that the NATO planes are out in force with the military industrial complex blitzing and peppering the skies with all sorts of chemicals, pathogens, heavy metals, microbes, smart dust and god knows what else.

Here are the url/links of the other Admin

Charles Buckley


Charles Buckley
Charles Buckley

Telegram Admins



Another Accomplice Seen Shilling With Tadziu Is A Mark Owens, who claims to be a “Free thinker” forward slash “Truther” that lives in Dublin, but is blatantly seen here attacking a Truther with their usual JTRIG (handbook /manual) style targeting, gangstalking, radiculing, discrediting, slandering mocking….

Mark Owen


Mark Owen even struggles to sound like the rest of us, he sounds awkwardly awkward for starters x uncomfortable with even saying it and reeeeeeks of an shill.


Imagine actually posting that and then attacking us shortly afterwards trying to debunk the existence of Geo-engineering, Solar Radiation Management (SRM) Climate Engineering, Statospheic Aerosol Injections (SAIs)

Irrefutable Prove, Evidence And Supporting Patents

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Other Group And Channels That Pure Blood Ireland Are Connected To

Eyes Wide Open Ireland


No post found!

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