The Rothschilds (Formerly The Bauer) Trillionaire Banking Dynasty *Fact Checked

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The Rothschilds Family – Trillionaire Banking Dynasty

No discussion of Upper Class Billionaires would be complete without the Rothschilds.

A family dynasty synonymous with wealth.

But what is the true extent of this wealth?

Just how powerful is this relatively secretive family?

Part 1/6 – The Architect?
Is this really a tale of Started from the Bottom or, much like Drake, is there a rich Uncle involved?
To answer that, we need to ask: who came before Mayer Amschel?

Part 2/6 – The Five Arrows
The Rothschild coat-of-arms includes a fist clutching five arrows, a reference to Mayer’s five sons. At the turn of the nineteenth century, Mayer sent his sons to establish banks in Frankfurt, Naples, Vienna, France, and London. The release of the “Five Arrows” symbolizes strength through unity, and marks the beginning of the Rothschild’s global banking dynasty.

Part 3/6 – Nathan Mayer
Niall Ferguson outlines the sheer scale of the Rothschild family’s operations:
“For most of the nineteenth century, N M Rothschild was part of the biggest bank in the world which dominated the international bond market. For a contemporary equivalent, one has to imagine a merger between Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, J P Morgan and probably Goldman Sachs too — as well, perhaps, as the International Monetary Fund, given the nineteen-century Rothschild’s role in stabilizing the finances of numerous governments.”

Part 4/6 – Nat
The Rothschilds tend to keep tend to keep out of the limelight.
One of the family’s grande dames said you should only appear in the newspapers on three occasions: hatch (aka birth), match (aka marriage) and dispatch (aka death).

Part 5/6 – Ghislaine Maxwell?
Alan Dershoiwtz, who once defended Jeffrey Epstein in court, writes:
“My wife and I were introduced to Ghislaine Maxwell by Sir Evelyn and Lady Lynne de Rothschild.

Part 6/6 – True Extent
We come to the kicker: what is true extent of the Rothschild’s wealth?

The Rothschild Family and Waddesdon:

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*These mini-documentaries are always completely sourced

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