Being Diet Aware. Deep State, White Hats, and Q/QAnon-Bullshit

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Being Diet Aware. Deep State, White Hats, and Q/QAnon-Bullshit

Being only slightly aware isn’t good enough!

As people slowly wake up to the reality of our world, how it is being held hostage by the top of the power pyramid, sometimes referred to as ‘the 13 families’ (actually families from the Babylonian/Roman Empire) and their parasites within their secret societies (the Cabals), and that EVERYTHING we have been taught is a lie, the awakening can take many different roads. Some lead into the dark tunnels of controlled opposition (gatekeepers) and their agendas set in place to stop you from reaching further down the rabbit hole. In this little rant I will touch lightly on some of them, to help you navigate better. Let’s start with “politics…”

People referring to those in real power pulling the strings as “The Deep State”
There is no such thing as “The Deep State”, that is just a silly buzz word coined by CIA and Q-tards. Originally it surfaced as a shorthand for bureaucrats wanting to undermine Trump – which is funny as politics is pure theatre (we’ll touch on this in a bit). In other words, do not use this terminology if you want to be taken seriously. It’s an instant facepalm.
Those in real power are the people from hidden ancient bloodlines (families) of kings and queens going back to the Babylonian/Roman Empire, the powerful Italian families, followed by the Black Pope and his Jesuit Order, followed by warmongers, religious (satanic) orders, self-made billionaires, and banksters, and they all operate within secret societies, or ‘cabals’ – working towards a One World Government aka the New World Order.
There are the Committee of 300 (300 of the most powerful men and women in the world) and the think-tank called Club of Rome created by The Jesuits aka., Society of Jesus (an order within the Catholic Church,) and then some other low-level organizations like the Freemasons (originally infiltrated by the Order of the Illuminati, founded by the Jesuit Priest Adam Weishaupt) and turned into an occult order, and all government institutions that are infiltrated by these masons; especially the police, the military and its branches, NATO, UN, GATT, the central banks, the FED, the IRS, the military-information-complex, the medical establishment, multinational corporations and organizations, and on it goes. And we also have the Bilderberg Group who host annual meetings for the low level politicians, managers, and business people who are “faces” to the people. This is simply where they get up to speed on what the agendas are for the coming years. We will go deeper into this in other posts.
And if you look at how the ancient bloodlines and their ‘shield families’ have financially infiltrated the world, you only need to look at the investment and insurance companies. Companies such as Vanguard, BlackRock, State Street, Berkshire Hathaway, Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase, and more. These companies have the majority shares in all industries and all major companies in the entire world. And they also own shares in one another. And at the top of this pyramid you have Vanguard and BlackRock, who have major shares in all the other companies below them and they all own shares in every industry and company in the world. And of these two, Vanguard is shielded and do not show their share-holders. However, with some digging you see names such as Rothschild, Rockefeller, DuPont and so on. They hide within Vanguard, and they own everything!
If we actually were to identify a “Deep State”, it would simply be the freemasons within the government and military complex, doing the bidding of the Jesuits, per instructed by the 13 families within Vanguard and their current goals. And no, little Swedes, your evil elite family of Wallenberg has no real power or saying in any matter. They are simply part of the European establishment of the Trilateral Commission and answer to the Italian Agnelli- and Colonna families, that is, they are puppets of the Jesuits at the Catholic Church. Marcus Wallenberg was a Knight of Malta, a protector of the Vatican and their Jesuit Order. They might be powerful within their field of business, but they are still way down the food chain and follow orders like the rest of them. Wallenberg’s companies such as Investor are just as controlled by Vanguard and BlackRock as everyone else.

People still discussing politics and the left and the right
Politics are theater for the sleeping masses, just as sports, tv-shows, the news, music and movies. Politicians and most presidents are puppets controlled by the Jesuits through the freemasons and their underlings to give the people a sense of control by “voting”. If you waste your time on fighting over presidents or political parties, you are playing right into their hand. It’s all about divide and conquer. Splitting the population into groups that don’t like each other, just as with silly nonsense such as racism, sports, climate hoaxes, political correctness and so on.

Q or ‘QAnon’
Do I even need to mention this? It should be obvious for anyone who have done more than 15 minutes of research. Q, (or QAnon as the media calls the Q-movement since Q’tards refer themselves as ‘Anons,’) and also ‘Anynomous,’ are both the old communist counterintelligence ‘operation trust’ in new packaging. Both are CIA Psy-ops to keep people believing in the beast system, the government, similar to the Tea Party. They give out tiny crumbs, as in truther chicken-feed, to those who are Diet Woke and just telling them to “trust the plan”. Sure, for how long now? 4 years, 5 years, 6? It’s simply a clever way to manage those waking up that do not have the drive or capacity to do their own research. -“Listen slaves, don’t do anything, just sit back and take it deep – trust the plan.”

Q was put in place at the beginning of the Trump administration for the sole purpose of misleading millions of diet-woke (but mostly retarded) truth-seekers during the time of the coronavirus outbreak, the cabal’s latest “9/11 event.” Thus Q is currently herding their sheepish followers to believe that the coronavirus fallout is a cover to arrest celebrity pedophiles, as if that makes any sense. That is how stupid it is!
Q’tards also believe that John F. Kennedy is of the Christ bloodline and is still alive posing as Q, and that Donald Trump is his agent. And the Trump family is not doing anything to distance themselves from Q, as they are part of this psyop. However, most likely, the man posing or pushing ‘Q’ and ‘Qpatriot’ as backed by the CIA, is Marcus Goldfinch of former “MGTV” and now “George News.” This was revealed several years ago by ‘Tim Ozman,’ the handle behind Infinite Plane Media (former IPS.) There is also the likelihood that the original ‘Q’ is Mike Flynn, the master of psychological operations and propaganda.
So, no, ‘Q’ has not been around for 40+ years as some Q’tards believe. That is what some Q-agents has invented, as they write their own history, to connect the CIA-movement to the Jesuit Kennedy family to make it seem more powerful and “right-wing.”

It’s even more obvious that Q is controlled opposition and part of an counterintelligence agenda as they are talking about politics being real, about the left and the right, about democrats being the spawn of Satan — and, of course, their super agent Jesuit and Israeli puppet Donald Trump and his ‘draining the swamp’ — the silliest phrase in history. They are all part of the frikkin’ swamp! And yes, Donald Trump is a Jesuit puppet and an immense supporter of the Zionist state of Israel, just as Barack Obama was their puppet. And George Bush before them is a high-ranking member of the Freemasonic Skull and Bones. And on it goes – all of them controlled. All of them actors.
There is also a reason why media refer to Q as QAnon, and it’s all in the numbers. Revelation of the Method.
And don’t forget that QAnon gets their symbolism from the Jesuits, through Controlled Opposition puppets Anonymous. Anonymous uses the Guy Fawkes mask, and Guy Fawkes was a Jesuit. Also, we will get to the ‘White Hats’ in just a minute…

Also, Q might very well be a play at The Order of Quetzalcoatl, colloquially known as the “Q,” a Masonic invitational body out of Mexico City, founded in 1945 by Arthur J. One has to be a Mason and a Shriner to become a member and membership is by invitation only. This Masonic Order is behind the ‘The Q Foundation for Kids,’ aimed at “donations” for hospital transportation (!) and hospitals for children. You do not need to be a genius to figure out what that actually means (children trafficking.) In other words, a very clever play when they say they are “rescuing children” in ‘tunnels,’ when they in reality do the opposite. And that is how, as the Satanists they are, present themselves; in opposites, backwards, inverted.

So, Q is simply a psy-op, a fake new world order agenda aka., ‘The Great Awakening,’ running parallel with what is really going on. They use these false idols as in Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. They play of emotions and false information such as mass arrests and executions of world leaders for child trafficking. And other stupid shit like the destruction of underground tunnels and bunkers. That is how they lure you in, playing fake heroes. And that psy-op is needed to mislead those who are waking up, trapping them in pure nonsense of fake events, so that the real New World Order can be put in place without people noticing. Q is also the perfect tool to label everyone who are seen as a “conspiracy theorist” or “right wing” as extremists nut cases. Thus labelling anyone who try to expose lies as mentally ill and a danger to society. That is the true purpose of Q / QAnon — to give fuel to the ‘infodemic’ and to kill free speech.

Also, all the silly “Q-drops” are distractions. For example, the leaked Hillary emails, the leaked John Gruden emails, the leaked Hunter Biden emails, the leaked Podesta emails, the leaked Ghislaine emails, and so on. None of these people are real. They are roles on the world stage, played by actors. It’s the same repetitive script to keep the masses entertained. All this, including the “Q-drops” are simply truther chicken-feed.

This is why it is so important to expose the real lies, such as that viruses and contagious diseases do not exist, that governments and politics are theatre, that the banking and economic systems are just a game they control at will, that most shootings are staged and nobody died, and that we need wake up as many people as possible. We have to stop participating in their games. We do not need them! We do not need leaders or their laws or their government. However, they need us to make their New World Order happen. People simply need to stop playing their games and walk away from the beast system, from the slave matrix. This is why we fight, why we try to wake people up. Otherwise, it will only get worse.

And as for some Gematria, their own language they use for their rituals, false flags, psy-ops and fabricated news:

Q = 17th letter
Modern Freemasonry established in 1717

Q’Anon = 74, 25, 201, 666

74 as 47 is the symbolic number of the Freemasons. Event 201, the pandemic simulation, was held on October 18, 2019, the day leaving 74-days left in the year.
Masonic = 74
Occult = 74
Jewish = 74

Trump = 25
Vatican = 25

The Jesuit Order = 201
Order of Illuminati = 201
Saturn Worship = 201
Six Sixty-Six = 201

And 666 should need no explanation.

Also, the term ‘White Hats’ comes from Freemasonry! That is what they call high-ranking members within Freemasonry, as they are allowed to wear ‘White Hats’ instead of the purple hats. So, if you believe ‘White Hats’ are out rescuing children and what not, you have been made a fool. They are mocking your ignorance and lack of knowledge and understanding.

And their language of Gematria tells you everything you need to know, as White Hats sums to 113, the number for dishonesty, and is a perfect match with ‘Dishonest.’

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