Ivermectin Is An Acutely Toxic And Dangerous Drug

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Ivermectin Is An Acutely Toxic And Dangerous Drug

The self admittedly highly acutely toxic, skin irritating health and environmentally hazardous drug known as “Ivermectin” is NOT what the world renowned “Professional” virologists and immunologist such as Ruling Class ‘Controlled’ Dolores Cahill and her United Nations minions over at the infamous honeypots on multiple social media platforms such as “World Freedom Alliance” or Big Pharmas psyops groups and pages such as “World Doctors Alliance” ‘Shills Nest’ , has lead the general public to believe, in fact Ivermectin is anything but, and ….even recently the ruling class have resorted to the signing up and recruiting of UNPROFESSIONAL “celebrity MEDCIAL EXPERT endorsements” such as Joe Rogan to market the drug choosen to assist the genocidal vaccines , to the public for a NON existing “FICTIONAL VIRUS”.

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