Alex Jones – Boncompagni, Ludovisi, Colonna, BI, COINTELPRO, Project Megiddo Shill

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Alex-Jones-Boncompagni-Ludovisi-Colonna-BI-COINTELPRO Project-Megiddo-Shill


I’m so tired of this shit…
He should be swinging from a lamppost.
He and William Cooper were/are controlled Op.
I used to follow both of them until I sharpened my research “skills”.

Their ilk have been established to destroy any true research into the JQ… both of them are kosher AF ! ! !

I can’t comment on Bitchute… you have to pay $5/month for that… (a friend sent me a screenshot shot of the offer because “Niggers Are The Symptom…” apparently isn’t eligible for it)

Denying human rights…how kosher.

Keep after these fuckers!

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Copied Bitchute – AJ is their dark prophet and got threatened and compromised early on. Satan mimics God who says He does nothing without first telling His prophets. AJ is one of satan’s dark prophets. God does it to warn us because He loves us. Satan does it to mock and troll us. All those who truly tell the truth get taken out. This is how the likes of AJ and David Icke are still alive. The Simpsons is another version of this predictive programming too. They think they can’t be held responsible if they tell us what they’re going to do to us first.

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Join us in our quest, exposing the occult establishment, their agenda and their loyal little cult minions.

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