The Hidden truth on Bacteria, Parasites and Virus (Part 2)

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The Hidden truth on Bacteria, Parasites and Virus (Part 2)

We have known viruses aren’t transmutable since 1921. From “Fasting and Mans correct diet”-


“A number of different experiments were made on 68 volunteers from US naval detention training camp on deer Island.

Several groups of men were inoculated with pure cultures of Pfeiffer’s bacillus, with secretions from the upper respiratory passages, and with blood from typical cases of influenza. About 30 man had the germs sprayed or swabbed in nose and throat.

They say of the results: “in no instance was an attack of influenza produced in any one of the subjects. “

10 more men were taken to the bedside of 10 new cases of influenza, spent 45 minutes with them, and each well man had 10 sick man cough in his face.

They say of these cases: “none of these volunteers developed any symptoms of influenza following this experiment.”

In another article the results of similar experiments in San Francisco are described.

In his experiments one group of 10 men had emulsifying cultures of Pfeiffer’s bacillus with no results in seven days observations.

Other groups of men ( 40 in all ) Received emotions of secretions from the upper respiratory passages of active cases of influenza which we were instilled into nose by medicine dropper or atomizer.

Of these it says: “In every case the results were negative so far is the reproduction of influenza is concerned. The men were all observed for seven days after inoculation. “

Last, but not least, Dr. John B Fraser, in an article entitled “do germs cause disease? “In the physical culture magazine for May, 1919, says that experiment carried out in Toronto in 1911 1912 in 1913 prove that germs only appear after the onset of the disease and goes on to say “and this fact lead to the supposition that germs were simply a byproduct of disease and possibly harmless “

He also describes experiments were millions of germs were fed to patients in their food, or swabbed over the tonsils and soft palate, under the tongue and in the nostrils, and still no evidence of disease was discernible.

The Germs used in the experiment included the germs of diphtheria, pneumonia, typhoid fever, meningitis and tuberculosis and no evidence of the diseases have developed in nearly 5 years.

He says: “during the years 1914 through 1918/150 experiments were carried out carefully and scientifically and yet absolutely no signs of disease followed”Visit the channel The Natural Human Diet:



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