Tony Holohan Swine Flu Vaccinations 2011

Dr. Tony Holohan pushing The Swine Flu Lies in 2011

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People in Ireland don’t realize this sociopath who is on their TV screens over the past 13 months has not sprung out of nowhere. Back in 2009 he claimed 1 million people would get Swine Flu in Ireland. He was the one who wanted to vaccinate the entire nation and subsequently 3 years later when it was found to have injured people in Ireland he said this… EXACT quote.. “Speaking on Primetime last night, Dr Tony Holohan said he was not concerned about the safety of the vaccination back two years ago, adding that it was the “right decision at the time”. “It was critical that we got access to ‘good vaccines’ as quickly as possible,” Holohan said, recalling the swine flu pandemic of 2009. He noted that all other European states who bought the drug were required to sign the same deal. “This was an unusual situation…in order to have access to this vaccine, we had to pay at the price demanded by the companies and to also accept the liability,” he explained.

How much was he paid to push the Swine Flu Vaccine in 2009? How much is he being paid to push the Covid Vaccine?

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