Who Are The Black Nobility Of Europe?

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Who Are The Black Nobility Of Europe?

  • Who Are The Black Nobility Of Europe?


    ๐Ÿ”บThe Black Nobility Papal Bloodlines
    The True Rulers of Us All ๐Ÿ”บ

    I get really tired of people that are supposed to be top conspiracy leaders & teachers saying that the Rothschilds are the richest family. This is by far one of the biggest lies in the whole community of exposing the elite, the Rothschilds are the shield and they do exactly what they are paid to do.

    The word Rothschild means Red SHIELD ๐Ÿ›ก, which means they are in the front shielding the TRUE power behind the money and the papal bloodlines. They didnโ€™t just all of a sudden pop up with millions of dollars worth of gold to start their so called dynasty okay. The money they used to start their so called dynasty came from the crusades and the money that the black nobility/papal bloodlines have been hoarding since the crusades and before.

    The knights templar, Jesuits and other orders were controlling most of the money, supplies and banking until they decided to have one central banking agency, or dynasty, to use as their figurehead.

    THERE IS ONLY ONE CORPORATION IN THE WORLD. It is called the CROWN CORPORATION, and all other corporations fall under this corporation into sub corporations. This is why your churches must sign up as a non-profit 501 corp because a percentage of that is also sent back to Rome just like every other corporation including the HUMAN bodies that are corporations via birth certificates. Every village, city, county, state, providence, country etc is a sub corporation reporting to the CROWN CORPORATION that rules them all.

    The top 3 sub corporations are the 3 CITY STATES that control the banking industry (City of London), the military industrial complex (Washington, dc.) and the head of the religious realm (Vatican city). THIS IS the HOLY SEE. This is the all seeing eye. The oracles of Delphi and they control EVERY intelligence agency in the world. They control the kgb, the cia, fbi, dea, mi5, mi6, mossad etc etc. They control the other intelligence gathering corps like the psychiatric industry, social media sites, the search engines, the amazons, the facebooks, twitters, igs, tiktoks, the googles, the Microsoftโ€™s, Apple, Teslas, etc etc…

    I’m about to break down every last bit of this, the pyramid of hierarchy, all the way down to your local elected city official, rookie cop, public schoolteacher, military recruit, and everything in between. You may think you know how deep this goes, but I want you to prepare yourselves. My goal is not to scare you, but rather open your eyes a little wider. Turn off your televisions, NPR, and anything whatsoever to do with politics because it’s all an illusion. The matrix ensures you know nothing about the world you live in. The only way to get through this is to familiarize yourself with your enemy.

    Taxes, tithes, fines and all other sources of income of these sub corporations go back to the GOD FATHER. This is why the Italian MAFIA runs the way it does and why they kiss the ring of the head or GOD BODY.


    The White Pope
    The Grey Pope
    The Black Pope

    The โ€œwhite popeโ€ or Jorge Mario Bergoglio(Figure Head of Catholic Church in which we see in the Vatican is just another figurehead and has no real power himself compared to the black and grey popes. Pepe Orsini is the grey pope, which is the Most Powerful Man in the world who controls the white and black popes. The Black Pope is Arturo Sosa. He is the Superior General of the Society of Jesus or Jesuits and is under the grey pope but above the white pope.


    THE TRUE RULERS OF THIS WORLD ARE The Black Nobility and Papal Bloodlines

    Top Tier Bloodlines:

    The Orsini family of Rome
    House of Borja
    House of Lancellotti and Breakspeare
    Caetani or Gaetani family (Gambino Mafia and Donald Trump)
    Colonna family (Colombo crime family)
    House of Farnese Military Bloodline
    House of Aldobrandini
    House of Somaglia
    House of Conti
    House of Chigi
    House of Medici
    House of Pamphili
    House of Este


    Second Tier Bloodlines

    House of Alba
    House of Bathory (Dracula, Order of Bath, Prince Charles and Blood Bath Ritual)
    House of Bonaparte
    House of Borromeo
    House of Bourbon
    Dreyfus family (Julie Louis-Dreyfus)
    House of Habsburg
    Guinness, Hennessy and Bailey Families
    House of Marescotti-Ruspoli
    Odescalchi Family
    House of Orange-Nassau (the Cult of Venus)
    House of Osorio

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