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Trust The Plan Or Get With The Program?

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The plan is you will own nothing and be happy, there’s not enough good people who knew in advance they were planning to attack the world in this way for there to be a large counter plan to the new world order, but it’s gradually coming together.

This was another eye opening documentary from Stop World Control, which didn’t have that much I hadn’t seen already, but I been looking at stuff like that all day every day for years now.

If you haven’t been convinced yet that they planned this entire plandemic, or you know someone who doesn’t believe it, please watch it and share, and subscribe to my Odysee channel to see more stuff like that, it’s kind of important people understand what’s going on.

I had no idea people could be so pathetic, it seems unreal, or like I’m taking crazy pills. Maybe I was taking crazy pills.

I just emailed a link to my father, who doesn’t know why he’s been coughing for a month straight. He thinks it’s dust in the air or because it’s winter.

His roommate also got the jab, and he had a runny nose for a month straight. You can’t tell them about it, but I tried to. Stephen Colbert got covid twice in a few months they said.

Facebook tried to fact check me about the 12% for a week efficacy claim but it was already reported on Yahoo News, and they seem to know that’s it’s a dud now, but I’ve still got reduced reach as a punishment for telling the truth, after they took back the two day ban when I complained.

One of the theories going around is that they’re going to make abortion illegal to cover up the fact everyone who took the jab is now sterile, or a significant number.

The jab destroys your immune system, it was made to work in reverse, and that will be the basis for another plandemic, because as Bill Gates said, this is pandemic one, the next one is pandemic two.

Just that right there, just the fact he said it like that, is proof enough for anyone with a brain who isn’t mind controlled, but they are mind controlled, hypnotized, it’s like a sci fi horror movie.

Just that one sentence proves complicity, but even among the “awakened” crowd, the ones yelling the loudest about toxic vaccine genocide, they can’t see through Trump’s duplicitous betrayal, constantly pushing the jab and taking credit for it.

This is how psychopathic millions of people perceive these horrific monsters to be, and that’s basically because they are.

The recent rally where he invited the Johnson and Johnson owner on stage with his wife was sickening, and he continued even as he got booed.

It’s like he thinks he could shoot a person dead in the street and his base would still love him. If it was Bill Gates he shot, he’d get a parade with ribbons but he offered Bill a job at the White House and didn’t fire Fauci.

Recently Bill Gates said “they made a mistake” about how deadly the covid virus was, and it was actually kind of like the flu, even while Trump still says it was going to be like the Spanish flu and he saved tens of millions of lives, which is objectively a lie, no matter how you look at it.

Trust the plan was a Qanon thing, it was based around Trump being a savior, and I accept that the conservative side is generally better than Biden and the Democrats, but for one thing, I’m not even in the same country.

For another, he does the 666 hand sign over his eye, his son in law is a Satanic Jew who paid double the value for a building with the address 666, and if that doesn’t qualify for being a Satanic Jew puppet, then nothing would.

I hate to break it to you, but Trump is one of them, it’s obvious.

“I gave my daughter to a Satanic Jew, she converted to Satanic Judaism, I have Satanic Jewish grandchildren, I love Israel, Epstein is a terrific guy, loves the young ladies almost as much as me.”

I was saying all of this stuff over a year ago, and I sort of forget about it when it’s obvious Biden is even worse than that, but the last Republican president before Trump was George W Bush.

Third generation skull and bones, brotherhood of death, headquarters called the tomb, the order, the new world order, ran against bonesman John Kerry, and you expect me to believe they’re not controlled completely by Satanic Jews because they said they weren’t now?

Everyone fell for it at some point, mostly because they wanted to have some hope that voting would be enough, that getting rid of one horrific bunch of criminals and replacing them with another would fix it, but it doesn’t.

The only reason you could accept being ruled by such people is if you don’t believe that they are actual, literal, Satanic vampires, pedophile monsters, who are actively destroying everything as though it’s their religion to be evil.

Sabbatean Frankism, look it up, it is exactly that, and it’s been around a long time now, and it doesn’t even matter if they’re religiously evil, they’re evil, they’re corrupt, the whole thing is transparently, obviously criminal, and we need a revolution.

The good thing about Trump is he did wake up a lot of people and there’s a base who could conceivably stand on their own without him leading, or with a new leader, but they gotta grow some brains, and some balls, and realize that they been fooled almost as much as everyone else was.

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