Nazi Azov Battalion Israel

In Ukraine, Azov Battalion receives weapons from Israel

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Connections between Ukrainian and Israeli arms companies show a link between the Zionist entity and the Nazi-Banderista Battalion that integrates the police forces of the oligarchic and pro-Atlantist regime in Kiev.

Israeli armaments are being sent to the Azov Battalion  – a Ukrainian Nazi-Banderist militia that is part of the security forces of the current post-Maidan oligarchic-Zionist government (Western ally and Russia’s enemy).

Even Azov’s online propaganda does not hide the connection, as it does not shy away from exposing photographs of militiamen carrying Tavor rifles , an Israeli-licensed weapon. On the Battalion’s own Youtube channel, for example, a video review shows copies of two locally produced Israeli Tavor rifles, as can be seen below:

A photo on the Azov website also shows a Tavor in the hands of one of the militia officers.

Tavor rifles are produced under the Israel Weapon Industries license and as such have been authorized for manufacture and export by Israeli government agencies.

The IWI markets the Tavor under the  Israeli special forces “primary weapon” umbrella , and Fort , the Ukrainian state arms company, has a page about the Tavor on its official website (the Israel Weapon Industries logo even appears on the website). bottom of the website, in the company partners section ) .

The Battalion, which came to power after the coup d’état orchestrated by the West, in close collaboration with NGOs linked to George Soros (such as the International Renaissance Foundation ), as it consolidated itself as the armed wing of the Kiev Junta, rose to increasingly central positions in Ukrainian politics. 

Andriy Biletsky, one of the founders of Azov, is now a parliamentarian in the Supreme Council of Ukraine .

Vadym Troyan, former deputy commander of the Battalion, is currently chief of police in the Kiev oblast – an appointment, that is, made by the Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs, Arsen Avakov, who, in September 2017 , met with the minister from the Israeli countryside, Aryeh Deri, to discuss a “fruitful cooperation” between both countries.

Arsen Avakov and Aryeh Deri, respectively, interior ministers of Ukraine and Israel, at a meeting to address strategic and security issues.

Analysts and activists claim that Avakov is now the man behind Azov, its most structured institutional arm. In fact, the appointment of a notorious Azovista to a central police post in the country’s capital is enough to establish the link between him and the infamous Battalion. 

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