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Devious Plant Dave Cullen Exposed Wrote Fake Smear Sticker Himself

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Devious Plant Dave Cullen Exposed Wrote Fake Smear Sticker himself
In January 2021 Dave Cullen went around the nearly empty streets of Dublin putting up Stickers on Lamposts and everywhere
The Sticker read this : ‘Stop Cocooning you are not larva’
Then in March 2021 a sticker was placed on Dave Cullen’s father’s window in Dublin which read : ‘Covid is NOT a Hoax’
That incident was recorded on CCTV and released by Dave in his video ‘A message to my Harassers’ on Friday 30 July 2021

Only 2 Days earlier Gemma O’Doherty and John Waters did a video stream exposing the Plants at the GPO for Ireland’s ‘Freedom Day’ which exposed Dee Wall aka Dolores Webster – who walks you into a wall of Gardai, Sandra Giltrap ( Sinn Fein ), Prof Dolores Cahill and Glenn Miller the Yellowvests ( who work out of Sinn Fein offices at 44 Parnell Square D 1 )

Gemma O’Doherty said she fell short of naming Dave Cullen that night who was also at the GPO on 24 July 2021 for Freedom Day and left about 9.30 PM just when Plant Graham J Carey was about to Speak. The same Carey who faked a Gardai Arrest back in Oct 2020. So many were being exposed as Plants and working alongside the Gardai and Antifa and would scupper all real Resistance from the Irish People. That’s what they do.

Anyway the Sticker seen on Dave Cullen’s Father’s window by the alleged attacker or Smear Campaigner against Dave Cullen also had the very VERY Distinctive letter ‘O’ on display on the Sticker.
The Exact same shape and contours and everything is the same Letter 0 as seen on Dave Cullen’s Sticker Campaign back in January 2021, so just about 6 weeks or so later on 13th March 2021 the same sticker appears outside Dave’s Father’s window.

So now we have 2 Sticker’s – One written by Dave Cullen the other by his alleged attacker / smear campaigner / harasser and both stickers look like they were written by the same person. Also it’s not just the distinctive ‘O’ in question – it’s the whole Sticker
In the Graphic the first sticker, the Dave Cullen sticker was used ‘STOP’ and the second, the attacker sticker was used ‘COVID’ and then compare the two of them with the very distinctive letter ‘O’: they are the exact same.

It’s Amateur Hour in Dave Cullen’s World

It’s Dave’s Jussie Smollett Moment
Very careless and very stupid. Incredibly Stupid work by Dave Cullen and who would expect anyone to believe him now
Also the fact that he ran to the Gardai? Really ? The same Gardai and their ‘Bully Boys’ Antifa who scupper all Real Resistance
Your asking the Irish People to believe that Dave Cullen would run to the very people who he claims are following and harrassing him for support?
The Gardai and their Bully Boy Henchmen ‘Antifa’ are not according to Dave Cullen the ones doing this, but somehow the Freemason’s , hence all the Satanic Symbols.
For Dave Cullen he couldn’t single out The Gardai and their Bully Boys Antifa, it had to be the Satanic Freemasons
Another BIG RED FLAG !!

It’s people like Dave Cullen et al who will scupper all Real Resistance in Ireland
The likes of Dave Cullen will lead you straight to the doorstep of the Gardai and worse Antifa
They work with the State and the Gardai and the Government who will enforce the Fascism
It will be the Irish Gardai that will stop you getting Food in Supermarkets soon because you do not have a Valid Vaccine Passport, just like they are doing already with the Face Masks.

Wake up Ireland
We need Real Resistance and soon and not these Fake Frauds like Dave Cullen
It’s Freedom or Fascism now

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