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The House of Colonna currently hold the hereditary position of Prince Assistants to the Papal Throne at the Vatican. They claim to be the Julio-Claudian dynasty of ancient Rome and they directly descend from Peter de Columna and the Counts of Tusculum from the 10th century. The Counts of Tusculum produced 6 popes. Cologne Germany was named Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium named for the Julio-Claudian family.

The Colonnas descend from the Counts of Tusculum which took the name Ptolemy. The Julio-Claudian dynasty ruled Rome during the conquering of Ptolemaic Egypt and the Julio-Claudian family also married in with the Ptolemaic Dynasty. The Ptolemie family are an Italian nobility claiming ancestry from the Ptolemaic Dynasty.

They were established in the 12th century and they purchased the fiefdom of Patrica from the Colonna family. Count Claudio Ptolemie is a current member.

The Colonna family use the column on their coat of arms which is a symbol for political power.

The Colonna name derives from the Greek word kolona which means a column. The Columbus and Colombo names also derive from Columna and Peter de Columna. The South American nation of Colombia is named after Columbus. Christopher Columbus was a relative of the Colonna family and he claimed America for Rome. Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa and he was partly financed by the Doria banking family which have intermarried with the House of Colonna several times in the past like with Prince Fabrizio Colonna and his wife Bianca Doria the Duchessa of Tursi as well as Prince Andrea Doria III of Melfi and his wife Princess Giovanna Colonna di Paliano.

The Colonna family ruled in Alba Longa and covertly established a branch in Salamanca, Spain as the Dukes of Alba originally ruled by the Alvarez family now the Dukes of Toledo. Salamanca uses the column on its flag and the Dukes of Alba are intermarried with Christopher Columbus’ family with his son Diego Colon and Maria de Toledo. The Alvarez family and their billionaire cousins the FitzJames family of Spain and Dukes of Alba currently work with the Colonnas. The Colonna family are primary owners of the Motisi Mafia clan of Palermo and Sicily. The House of Colonna married in with the Ventimiglia Princes of Palermo and ruled in regions of Sicily as nobles and as Viceroy of Sicily with Prince Marcantonio Colonna. Baron Niccolo Turrisi Colonna was a politician from Palermo who made early mentions of the mafia before they were officially recognized. Niccolo also claimed that the government attempting to shut down the mafia made the problem worse as if he was defending them to the point he was believed to be the head of the mafia. This is what the global crime syndicate does. When they get exposed they react by being more murderous and terroristic and then blame the people exposing them. ​

The Colonnas are the primary owners of the Colombo crime family and were part owners of the Jewish Mafia which infiltrated Hollywood creating Columbia Pictures through their New York mafia associates like Harry Cohn who met with Mussolini and was friends with mafia associates like John Roselli and Jack Entratter. Chris Colombo is the top boss of the Colombo crime family today. Michael Franzese is a covert member of the modern Commission while claiming to be a reformed gangster as a made man in the Colombos. An extremely evil associate of the Colombos named Vincent Martello is involved in criminal spying for the mafia, making threats on behalf of the mafia, gang stalking, pedophilia, and trafficking children.

The Colonna family are also the primary owners of the Chicago Outfit along with the Florentine House of Capponi headed up today by Count Neri Capponi, Count Sebastiano Capponi, and Count Niccolo Capponi and the Florentine House of Rosselli Del Turco headed up by Marquis Niccolo Rosselli Del Turco. The Clintons and Obamas are deeply connected with Chicago and covertly work with the Chicago Outfit. Barack Obama has numerous associations with criminals connected with the organized crime in Chicago including Tony Rezko who was convicted of wire fraud and money laundering and Obama’s friend Alexi Giannoulias whose Broadway bank financed several mobsters.

The Colonna and Capponi families likely made an alliance during the Siege of Florence with Stefano Colonna di Palestrina as the Florentine Militia Commander. The House of Colonna held various titles in the former Papal States as well as ruled as the Dukes of Cesaro, Sicily. The Colonna family are the owners of the Knights of Columbus which use the Roman fasces symbol on its logo. Carl Anderson is the Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus and serves the Vatican and House of Colonna. Many police and federal agents are members of the Knights of Columbus and some of them are used to infiltrate law enforcement and provide assistance and intelligence for the Italian Mafia. Terence Monahan is the current Chief of the New York City police and was Jesuit educated at Fordham. Monahan is also a knight of associate of the Knights of Columbus. The Colonna family have influence over both police and organized crime.

The Five Families function as covert criminal business enterprises for the Italian nobility and they use their mafias to blackmail, extort, and control politicians, bankers, and businessmen. In the 19th century Princess Livia Colonna married into the their ancient cousins again with Duke Fernando Alvarez de Toledo and their grandson was Alvaro Alvarez de Toledo who married Anna Maria DuPont. The DuPont family of France use the Colonna’s column on their coat of arms. The DuPont family founded DuPont an international chemical company which is located in Delaware and has about 46 billion in assets. The Colonna and Alvarez families have covert shares in and authority over DuPont now called DowDuPont which is one of largest chemical companies in the world. Jeff Fettig is Chairman of Dupont, Howard Ungerleider is CFO, and Edward Breen is the CEO. Robert Richards is a member of the DuPont family which is worth about 16 billion and he was convicted of raping his 3 year old daughter and received no prison time. The Alvarez family that inherited the Colonna’s Avella Palazzo sold it to the Italian government for 800 million lire equal to 203 million dollars.

Prince Guido Colonna di Paliano was a Commissioner of the European Union, Italian Vice Consul to New York City and a member of the Trilateral Commission. The Vallone family are New York City Council members all Jesuit educated from Fordham with Paul Vallone as a current city council member and his father Peter Vallone Sr and brother Peter Vallone Jr as former council members. Jerry Colonna is a financier from New York City who helped to establish Silicon Valley. Jerry Colonna who is believed to be worth over 50 million started a small investment group called Flatiron Partners which was in the business of making billions for companies like JP Morgan Chase. Jerry Colonna appears to be used for handling their criminal transactions and for money laundering. The Colonna family ceremonially rule over Capitoline Hill in Rome which represents the political power of Rome’s corporate empire. The column symbolizes the political support that maintains their fraudulent claim to corporate-governmental ownership over a land. The Colonna family are a corporate mafia involved in infiltrating politics and businesses, financing organized crime, and supplanting cultures.

Freemasonry uses two pillars or columns in their temples which covertly symbolizes the two Colonna princely lines of Stigliano and Paliano. Prince Prospero Colonna di Stigliano is covertly controlling the Grand Lodge of Ireland and overseeing the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland.  Cardinal Timothy Dolan the Archbishop of New York works under the Colonnas. Charles Dolan was Jesuit educated from John Carroll University and is worth 6 billion as the founder of Cabelvision. Charles Dolan is an agent of the Colonnas and is also a trustee of the Jesuit Fairfield University. Some of the Colonna di Stigliano family members have recently established residences in Ireland. Saint Alban was really from Alban Hills and set up Alban-Colonna clans in England early on. The name Romney means Roman. The Earls of Romney in the UK are agents of Rome as well as the Romney political family in the US with Mitt Romney who co-founded Bain Capital which manages about 75 billion in assets. Mitt Romney was also CEO of Bain & Company. Prince Filippo Colonna di Paliano has worked for Bain & Company which is stated in his work history on LinkedIn.

Tom Monaghan is an Irish-American billionaire that founded Dominos and he sold it to Bain Capital. Monaghan is an agent of the Colonnas and has donated large amounts of his wealth to the Roman Catholic Church. The House of Colonna established a Polish branch called the Colonna-Walewski family. The Polish Mafia in the United States have been allied with the Chicago Outfit starting out early on with Polish mobsters like Hymie Weiss allied with Bugs Moran and Jake Guzik allied with Al Capone. The Polish Mafia pay tributes to the Colombos and Chicago Outfit. The Colonna family have made at least tens of billions from their mafias and drug cartels over recent decades.

The House of Colonna are an imperial bloodline. Washington DC is designed with Roman architecture and has the Roman fasces symbol all over United States federal buildings and federal seals. The Fasces symbol is also on the flag of the city of Norte de Santander in Columbia. Fascism means a centralization of power. Capitol Hill in DC is named after Capitoline Hill in Rome. Washington DC was called Rome in 1669 and this is stated in the Catholic Encyclopedia. Most of the architecture in the District of Columbia is Roman architecture. America is named after the Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci who created the term “New World” for the Americas. The United States has been in tax contract with the Government of Ireland through the 1871 District of Columbia Organic Act. The Colonnas have been stealing from the American people through US tax contracts with the Irish government. The Colonnas have a hidden alliance with the Irish Guinness banking family. The Colonnas manage the Grand Lodge of Ireland and are a top  authority of the The Freemasonic Oddfellow Order with Prince Oddone Colonna.  They also oversee the Freemasonic Royal Order of Jesters with the Italian comedian and actor Prince Urbano Riario Sforza Barberini Colonna di Sciarra. The German Roman Catholic Furstenberg family work with the Colonnas and also co-manage the Royal Order of Jesters which have been caught for sex trafficking. Paul Sciarra founded Pinterest and is worth a half of billion. The Colaninno family are a covert north Italian branch of the Colonnas. The Colaninnos run Piaggio with Roberto Colaninno and his son Matteo Colaninno who is an Italian politician.

The Colaninno family own the Palazzo Canossa in Mantua and are owners of the holding company IMMSI which is involved in real estate, resorts, hotels, maritime vessels, motorcycles and scooters. Paolo Andrea Colombo is an Italian businessman and worked as a top executive for Interbanca which financed and advised Roberto Colaninno and some of his business deals. Both Paolo Andrea Colombo and Roberto Colaninno have worked as high level executives for Alitalia. Stefano Colonna is an Italian chemist who created the Julia-Colonna epoxidation process used by pharmaceutical companies like Bayer. Stefano Pessina is an agent of the House of Colonna and worth about 13 billion as the primary shareholder of Walgreens Boots Alliance headquartered in Chicago which owns pharmaceutical manufacturing companies. The House of Colonna were one of the families behind the Vatican Inquisition. Their ancestors the Counts of Tusculum produced at least 6 Popes and the Colonnas directly produced Pope Martin V. Today Prince Stefano Colonna di Stigliano is highly trained in alchemy and involved in chemically torturing people.

Members of the Colonna crime family include

Prince Prospero Colonna di Stigliano,

Prince Stefano Colonna di Stigliano,

Princess Lucrezia Colonna di Stigliano,

Princess Vittoria Colonna di Stigliano,

Princess Frances Colonna di Stigliano,

Princess Catherine Colonna di Stigliano,

Count Fabio Colonna di Stigliano,

Countess Vittoria Colonna di Stigliano,

Don Fabio Colonna di Stigliano,

Prince Oddone Colonna,

Prince Prospero Colonna di Paliano,

Prince Filippo Colonna di Paliano,

Prince Marcantonio Colonna di Paliano,

Prince Stefano Colonna di Paliano,

Princess Laurentia Colonna di Paliano,

Prince Piero Colonna di Paliano,

Prince Urbano Riario Sforza Barberini Colonna di Sciarra, unofficially Jerry Colonna the financier, and Stefano Colonna from the University of Milan. The House of Colonna are large shares holders over the Holy See corporation and are one of the most powerful and corrupt imperial families on the planet. Prince Prospero Colonna di Stigliano and Prince Marcantonio Colonna di Paliano are the current heads of this wicked clan. The Colonnas need to be exterminated.

Princess Jeanne Colonna di Paliano with her husband Prince Prospero Colonna di Paliano and he is a Prince Assistant to the Papal Throne and he oversees pedophilia networks within the Vatican and Roman Catholic priesthood. Their son is Prince Filippo.

Prince Filippo Colonna di Paliano works as an Associate Consultant for Bain & Company.

Palazzo Colonna in Rome with two pillars in the hall.

Prince Urbano Riario Sforza Barberini Colonna di Sciarra is an Italian prince, actor, and comedian as well as a top authority over the Freemasonic Royal Order of Jesters.

Urbano Riario Sforza Barberini Colonna di Sciarra
prince de Carbognano (11th), duc de Bassanello (11th), duc de Nerola (9th), duc de Montelibretti (10th), comte de Palazzuolo, de Pacentro, de Cicoli, de Lucoli, de Rojo and de Tornimparte
Born 18 September 1961 – Roma
Age : 57 years old
Acteur, comédien
Former Erie County Sheriff’s Deputy Pleads Guilty in Connection with Jester Prostitution Case
Assistant U.S. Attorney Robert C. Moscati, who is handling the case, stated that Lesinski admitted to transporting women in April, 2005 from the Buffalo airport to a hotel in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, where the Royal Order of Jesters was holding its national convention. While there, the women engaged in sex acts with members of the Jesters in exchange for money.
Gerardo Luigi “Jerry” Colonna (September 17, 1904 – November 22, 1986) was an American musician, actor, comedian, singer, songwriter and trombonist best remembered as the zaniest of Bob Hope’s sidekicks in Hope’s popular radio shows and films of the 1940s and 1950s.

Prince Piero Colonna is a member of the Bourbon-Two Sicilies Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George and a tactician for the House of Colonna.

Prince Stefano Colonna di Stigliano with the deceased Prince Carlo Giovannelli on the left. Prince Stefano Colonna di Stigliano is an owner of the Chicago Outfit.

Prince Stefano Colonna and his wife Princess Vittoria Torlonia next to him and they are with Guendalina Mancinelli-Scotti and her husband is Manfredi Mancinelli-Scotti. Prince Stefano Colonna is a ruthless alchemical tormentor and a part owner of the Colombo crime family and the Chicago Outfit.

Manfredi Mancinelli-Scotti is an Italian noble related to the Douglas-Scott clan of Scotland and he is a Roman overseer of Scottish Rite Freemasonry. The Colonna family are the top architects of Freemasonry and they work closely with the Scotti family and the Ruspoli-Marescotti family.
Scotti (Scoto) or Scotti Douglas or Douglas Scotti is an ancient and noble Piacenza family.
He came from the Douglas lineage of Scotland when a certain William Douglas , son of Sholto Douglas and cousin of the mythical Achaian king of the Scots, came to Italy to fight Desiderius, king of the Lombards and settled in Piacenza.[1] 

Count Fabio Colonna di Sigliano in the middle with his wife Countess Vittoria Colonna and they are with Prince Lorenzo de Medici who resides in Portugal. These Colonna di Stiglianos own the Villa Torrigiani.

Villa Torrigiani in Lucca, Italy. The Colonna di Stiglianos in Lucca work closely with the Lucchesi-Pallis of Lucca headed up by Count Adinolfi Lucchesi-Palli.

Prince Marcantonio Colonna di Paliano with Ivana Trump in Italy. Prince Marcantonio is an owner of the Colombo crime family and a high authority in the Black Nobility.

Maduro claims Trump ordered Colombian government and mafia to kill him

Colonna coat of arms with the column or pillar. The name Colonna derives from the Greek word Kolonus which means a column.

The Colonna family, also known as Sciarrillo or Sciarra, is an Italian noble family. It was powerful in medieval and Renaissance Rome, supplying one Pope (Martin V) and many other Church and political leaders.

​According to tradition, the Colonna family is a branch of the Counts of Tusculum — by Peter (1099–1151) son of Gregory III, called Peter “de Columna” from his property the Columna Castle in Colonna, Alban Hills. Further back, they trace their lineage past the Counts of Tusculum via Lombard and Italo-Roman nobles, merchants, and clergy through the Early Middle Ages — ultimately claiming origins from the Julio-Claudian dynasty.

The counts of Tusculum were the most powerful secular noblemen in Latium, near Rome, in the present-day Italy between the 10th and 12th centuries. Several popes and an antipope during the 11th century came from their ranks.

ca 1108 – 1126 PtolemyI (Tolomeo I), (Consul, comes Tusculanus) son Gregory III;
1126 – 1153 Ptolemy II (Tolomeo II), (Illustrissimus, dominus Consul et dux) son of Ptolemy I;
​Tusculan popes

John XI, son of Alberic I, pope from 931 to 935
John XII son of Alberic II, pope from 955 to 964
Benedict VII, nephew of Alberic II, pope from 974 to 983
Benedict VIII, son of Gregory I, pope from 1012 to 1024 (also count)
John XIX, son of Gregory I, pope from 1024 to 1032 (also count)
Benedict IX, son of Alberic III, pope from 1032 to 1048 (also count)
Benedict X, antipope from 1058 to 1059

According to tradition, the successors of the Tusculum counts were the Colonna family, founded by Peter (1099–1151), son of Gregory II and called Peter “de Columna” from his fief of Colonna, east of Rome.

The Ptolemies were an ancient and illustrious Sienese family, which a compliant genealogy wanted to link to the homonymous dynasty of the sovereigns of ancient Egypt 

Tradition has it that, from the union of Gaius Julius Caesar with Cleopatra VII Queen of Egypt , Ptolemy XV was born, called Cesarione

In 1503 they bought the fief of Patrica from the Colonna 

Count Claudio Ptolemie

Trump’s apartment has two pillars with a portrait of Apollo between them. The Massimos which are the Princes of Arsoli and married with the Solari family are the head of the Cult of Apollo.

Two pillars are a primary symbol in Freemasonry and really represent the two main Colonna bloodlines the Colonna di Palianos and Colonna di Stiglianos.

Michael Franzese is a made man in the Colombo crime syndicate and he pretends to be a reformed gangster. Michael Franzese is still an active member of the Colombos and works as a high level consiglieri.
Michael Franzese grew up as the son of the notorious Underboss of New York’s violent and feared Colombo crime family. At his most affluent, he generated an estimated $5 to $8 million per week from legal and illegal businesses. It was a life filled with power, luxury…and deadly violence.
Just a few years ago, mafia boss, Michael Franzese was named one of the biggest money earners the mob had seen since Al Capone, by Vanity Fair. 

Chris Colombo is the top boss of the Colombo crime family. The Colombos specialize in cocaine trafficking and prostitution. The Colombo crime family have cocaine contracts with Colombian drug cartels. The Colombian drug cartels have operations in New York City.

Vincent Martello is an associate of the Colombo crime family and he works in car sales. He uses cars as fronts for trafficking drugs, cash, and children for the mafia. Vincent Martello runs a spy network for the Italian Mafia and sends people death threats on behalf of Cosa Nostra. Vincent Martello is a major pedophile and ruthlessly evil gang stalker that pretends to be nice and friendly as his cover.

Prince Fabio Colonna di Stigliano owns a watch and jewelry company in Italy. Criminals use jewelry companies for money laundering because they can easily rig the value of products. Prince Fabio is a part owner of the Colombo crime syndicate.

Orologi Colonna® was born from an idea of Fabio Colonna di Stigliano: an indissoluble bond between Neapolitan tailors’ tradition and Swiss technology precision. Refined timekeeper made precious by refined textiles’cuffs handicrafted with ancient traditional Neapolitan tailors’ technique. A wide range of models for Gentlemen and Ladies, entirely conceived for Beauty’s Lovers.

Princess Catherine Colonna di Stigliano with Prince Arvin Singh Mewar of India.

Prince Oddone Colonna is an extremely creepy child molester and the top Roman manager of the Masonic Oddfellow Order.

The Freemasonic Order of Oddfellows specialize in strange mind control and depraved sexual programming including incest, pedophilia, bestiality, and transsexualism. 

Princess Lucrezia Colonna di Stigliano and this branch of the Colonnas lives in Ireland. Her sister is Princess Vittoria and her father is Prince Prospero. Prince Prospero Colonna di Stigliano is covertly managing the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland and Grand Lodge of Ireland. The Colonna di Stiglianos of Ireland have a close alliance with the Irish Guinness banking family.

Princess Vittoria Colonna di Stigliano is a high level witch and Rome’s “Whore of Babylon.” Princess Vittoria is a ruthless child murdering cannibal and on her hat she is wearing the butterfly because she is the head of the MK Ultra and Project Monarch mind control program which uses the butterfly for its symbol. Hollywood uses butterfly symbols in movies with most female actresses when they are young. They program women into becoming sexual cannibals that murder children which is their metamorphosis.

Vittoria Colonna is a writer, director and producer. Growing up between Ireland and Italy, Vittoria was influenced to study fine art painting in Rome’s L’Accademia di Belle Arti.

Vittoria has directed numerous music videos, which have received international acclaim, such as an Irish Music Television Award (IMTV) in 2009, Best Music Video at the The Los Angeles Film and Script Festival 2012, The Golden Ace Award at the Las Vegas International Film Festival 2012 and The Golden Palm Award at The Mexico International Film Festival 2012.

To date, Vittoria has built a reputation for investigating complex ethical questions, using film, documentary, video and art to reveal the harsher aspects of existence, yet exploring sensitive and dramatic themes with honesty and dark humour. She is also a member of the Screen Directors Guild of Ireland (SDGI).

Carl Anderson is the Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus and he is a ruthless gang stalking commander and terrorist. The Knights of Columbus have infiltrated the police and US military.
As supreme knight of the Knights of Columbus, Carl A. Anderson is the chief executive officer and chairman of the board of the world’s largest Catholic family fraternal service organization, which has nearly 2 million members.
​From 1983 to 1987, he served in various positions of the Executive Office of the President of the United States, including special assistant to the President and acting director of the White House Office of Public Liaison.
Mr. Anderson is a Knight Grand Cross of the Order of St. Sylvester, a Knight of the Order of St. Gregory the Great and a Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem.
​He serves as a member of the International Scientific Council of the Studium Generale Marcianum of Venice. In 1994, he was a member of the Vatican delegation for the Fifteenth Meeting of the International Jewish Liaison Committee held in Jerusalem.
He is a member of the bar of the District of Columbia and is admitted to practice law before the U.S. Supreme Court.
Biographies and print-quality photos of Knights of Columbus officers.
Carl A. Anderson
As supreme knight of the Knights of Columbus
Archbishop William E. Lori, S.T.D.
As supreme chaplain of the Knights of Columbus
Patrick E. Kelly
Patrick E. Kelly serves as deputy supreme knight of the Knights of Columbus.
Michael J. O’Connor
Michael J. O’Connor serves as the supreme secretary of the Knights of Columbus.
Ronald F. Schwarz
Ronald Schwarz serves as supreme treasurer of the Knights of Columbus.
John A. Marrella
John A. Marrella is the Supreme Advocate and General Counsel of the Knights of Columbus

Terence Monahan the Chief of the New York City Police Department was Jesuit educated at Fordham and is a covert Knight of Columbus.
Terence A. Monahan is the 40th Chief of Department for the New York City Police Department.
He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Arts from Fordham University.
First Deputy Commissioner
Benjamin Tucker
First Deputy Commissioner Tucker holds a Bachelor of Science degree in criminal justice from John Jay College, a J.D. from Fordham University School of Law, and is a tenured professor at Pace University.

Charles Dolan has been the majority shareholder of Cablevision which controls AMC Networks, MSG Networks, Newsday, and The Madison Square Garden Company. Cablevision was sold to Altice USA. His son James Dolan manages the Madison Square Garden Company which controls the New York Knicks and New York Rangers. His other son Patrick Dolan manages Newsday. Charles Dolan’s brother Larry Dolan is the owner of the Cleveland Indians. Larry Dolan was Jesuit educated from Saint Ignatius High School and also went to the University of Notre Dame. The Dolan family are Irish Jesuit billionaires.

Stefano Pessina is a billionaire worth about 12 billion and he runs Walgreens. Stefano Pessina is an alchemical tormentor with high authority over the Rosicrucian Order and he works for the Colonna family.

Stefano Pessina
Stefano Pessina heads the world’s largest drugstore chain, Walgreens Boots Alliance.

Residence Monte Carlo, Monaco
Citizenship Italyá–Colonna_epoxidation

The Juliá–Colonna epoxidation is an asymmetric poly-leucine catalyzed nucleophilic epoxidation of electron deficient olefins in a triphasic system. The reaction was reported by Sebastian Juliá at the Chemical Institute of Sarriá in 1980,[1] with further elaboration by both Juliá and Stefano Colonna
​Furthermore, the reaction has been effectively scaled up to industrially useful levels, with work conducted notably by Bayer and Evonik. Finally, the enzyme-like activity of the poly-amino acid segments is suggestive of a role of the reaction in the prebiotic origin of life.[5][6] 

Jeff Fettig
In DowDuPont’s case, Jeff Fettig took over on April 1 as “non-employee Executive Chairman”ía-Álvarez-de-Toledo-Osorio/6000000012420507762
María Álvarez de Toledo Osorio
Daughter of García Álvarez de Toledo y Osorio, I Duque de Fernandina, Virrey de Sicilia and Vittoria Colonna
Donna Livia Colonna-Doria
Daughter of Giovanni Andrea Colonna-Doria, XIII Principe di Paliano and Doña Isabella Alvarez de Toledo y Silva
Wife of Don Ferdinando Alvarez de Toledo y Acuña Conde di Caltabellota
Álvaro Álvarez de Toledo
Married 31 October 1935 (Thursday) to Anna Maria Dupont

Higgins And Soros feat comP.

Sean Cage

Irish Puppet Leaders Sold Their Souls To The Satanic Freemasons Long Ago Original Source:…

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