Alex Jones - Boncompagni-Ludovisi-Colonna+FBI COINTELPRO-Project-Megiddo-Shill

Alex Jones – Boncompagni, Ludovisi, Colonna, BI, COINTELPRO, Project Megiddo Shill

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Alex Jones – Boncompagni-Ludovisi, Colonna, and FBI COINTELPRO Project Megiddo shill

AMTV – Boncompagni-Ludovisi and FBI COINTELPRO Project Megiddo shill

Steven Crowder – Massimo of Roccasecca shill

Judicial Watch or Tom Fitton – Odescalchi shill

Tucker Carlson from Fox News – Bourbon-Two Sicilies shill

Joe Rogan – Wittelsbach and Schwarzenberg shill

David Icke – Barons of Strange and Oddfellow shill

Jordan Maxwell – Oddfellow shill

Craig Oxley – Russell and Tavistock shill

Leo Zagami – Massimo and Leon shill

Ed from Outer Light – Esterhazy, Russell and Tavistock shill

HighImpactFlix or Brian Young – Savoy shill

Lisa Haven – Boncompagni-Ludovisi and FBI COINTELPRO Project Megiddo shill

Paul Romano or Pockets of the Future – Rothschild and Aldobrandini shill

Adam Green or Know More News – Saxe-Coburg and Gotha shill

Richie from Boston – Bourbon-Two Sicilies shill

Aplanetruth or Joe Morgan and Jamie Lee – Schwarzenberg, Bush, and DARPA shill

A Call For An Uprising – Chigi and Hell Fire Club shill

A Face Like the Sun – Massimo shill

James Corbett – Corsini shill

ReallyGraceful – Bernadotte and Spencer shill

Dahboo77 – Savoy and Bernadotte shill

Destroying the Illusion – Savoy shill

George Webb – Bush shill

Farmer Jones – Cox and Galli-Zugaro shill

Lionel Nation – Liechtenstein shill

Earth Sherriff – Habsburg shill and slanderer

Zachary K Hubbard – Zionist Goldsmith and Nazi-Wiccan Pacelli shill

RussianVids or Benjamin P Liashenko – Goldsmith and Bourbon shill

James Munder – Pacelli shill

Luke Rudowski – Hohenzollern and Radziwill shill

Dustin Nemos – Trump shill

RedPill78 – Trump shill

PrayingMedic – Medici and Glucksburg shill

Justinformed Talk – Giustiniani and Savoy shill

And We Know – Trump/Wittelsbach shill

In Pursuit of Truth – Trump shill

X22 Report – Trump shill

Blessed to Teach – Trump shill

Amazing Polly – Trump shill

Tracy Beanz – Trump shill

SGT Report – Trump shill

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I am a one man operation that has been trying to filter through all the “New Aged” worldwide propaganda preached to the truth community / freedom fighters through fake “truth gurus/mentors”, so that i can bring you the “actual” truth. I have been doing this since 2016 and went mainstream in 2018.
These “wolves in sheeps clothing” are “planted” within the community as “Gatekeepers” to, sow division, utilize delay/deflect tactics misinform and mislead the “free-thinkers” or anyone that opposes the “Occultist Hidden Hand” or “Shadow Government” , straight to the slaughterhouse.

I would like to say thanks to all the fellow “watchmen”, “Shill Hunters” and “Genuine truthers/researchers/free thinkers” working tirelessly around the clock out there, putting yourself in the trenches, laying it all on the line by sounding the alarm over the last several years, sacrifices have been made, reputations tarnished, online friends and family members have been lost and lots more put on the back burner. You are the real warriors of the so called “End Times”. The unsung Heroes.

Nobody said it was going to be easy. Keep On Fighting The Good Fight.


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