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Irish Quarantine Tifco Hotel Group Owner Very Close Ties To Jeffery Epstein

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Utterly insane Quarantine

Heres one for you.

The company awarded the contract for quarantine is Tifco hotel group. Former managing directors being Enda O Meara and Gerry Houlihan sold control to Irish Bank Resolution Corporation due to debts who then sold it to Golman Sachs in 2014 who they then four years later sold it to Apollo Global management in 2018. As usual shady out but….

Heres where its interesting. The billionaire investor Leon Black had to step down as CEO of Apollo Global Management just this year 2021 for having close business relations with Jeffrey Epstein!

In 1997, he made Epstein one of the original trustees of what is today the Debra and Leon Black Association. Such was their close relationship he was a trustee and professional “advisor” while Epstein was paid handsomely too millions and millions a year for his ahem “advice” Perhaps advice on matters on certain islands eh?

A conducted by Dechert LLP report was released on January 25, 2021. It showed that Black had paid Epstein around $158 million from 2012 through 2017 for services. Thats $31.5 million a year for “advice” Nothing shady at all.

The man who owns the investment company that owns Tifco Hotel group that is enforcing “quarantine” had very close business relations with Jeffrey Epstein and paid him over $150,000,000 for ahem “advice”
The company that owns Tifco hotel group literally banked rolled Jeffrey Epstein paying him if broken down a staggering €600,000 a week based on over $150 million over five years from their CEO Leon Black

Sick world folks. Shine a light on the darkness.

Source: Eire Exposed

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