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Your Government are behind the cyber attacks (False Flags)

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Notice the sudden increase/spike in cyber attacks and Cyber Scamming/Phising reports accross Ireland today?

It’s all by grand design. All of it.

It’s all a FALSE EVENT to cover up/ sweep under the carpet the government genocidal conspiracies and HSE mistakes along with laying the foundations for the new “Citizen Social Credit Scoring Systems” spyware by way of software updates.

*Please drop your evidence/screenshots of any encounters /experiences that you have endured lately and I’ll write on blog on the topic and add them.

Your Governments handlers (being the Rothschild Controlled Banking Cartel) are once again, intentionally fear mongering to scare you shitless into ‘updating all of your devices and device software, that includes operating systems, android, phones, apple software, device and peripheral firmware so that they can once again control every aspect of your life both online and offline including injecting new covid trace and tracking code and spyware into all of your it equipment under the guise of “covid19 exposure”, “cyber pandemics”, “cyber attacks”, “social welfare scams”, “scammer attacks”, “spam scammer emails”. 

You will especially notice the usual government bodies, state agencies, suspect shills, leftie minions and other lackeys pushing the narrative.

Take the scams quiet serious. The russians are very much owned (3/4 of their wealth) by the International Monetary Fund and WTO and are 100% in on The Covid 19 Psyops/Virus, The Great Reset, World Economic Forum, Bilderberg Groups, Climate Summits, etc etc. and they could quiet possibly be HIRED to attack our health care systems and Cyber attack our country.

Remember For The Government To Create A New Infrastructure On Your Devices So As To Build A Dystopian Orwellian Spy System Of Their Own On Your Device, They First Need To ‘Lay The Foundation’ For The Spyware Or “Citizen Credit Scoring Systems” (

Disable Their Ability To LAY THE FOUNDATION and it will delay their plans and make their entire operations more difficult.

Here Are Ways To Counter Their Tyrannical Plans/Agendas.

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Yes, There Are Covert Government Troll Training PSYOP Programs. Enter : JTRIG (The ‘Honey Trap’)

What or who are “The 5 Eyes” ??

In 1967, the CIA Created the Label “Conspiracy Theorists” to Attack Anyone Who Challenges the “Official” Government Narrative

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