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TRUMP = TOOL OF THE ROTHSCHILDS CRIME MAFIA with Wilbur Ross as 30+ year Puppet Manager. — See Video at bottom.

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1950s CE: Resorts International began as a CIA and Mossad front company to do DRUG money laundering for Rothschilds Crime MOB’s drug trafficking, gambling, and other illegal activities. The connection between Baron Edmond de Rothschild, being one of the original principle investors of Resorts International, and Rothschild Inc. allowing Donald Trump to retain “ownership” over the Atlantic City DRUG MONEY LAUNDERING casinos, which saved him from bankruptcy, should not be considered a coincidence. AFGHANISTAN IN 2018 CE IS THE REASON AMERICAN TROOPS ARE STILL THERE WITH AMERICANS FOOTING THE BILLS!

1970s CE-1990s CE: Wilbur L. Ross Jr. spent 24 years at the New York office of Rothschild Inc. In the late 1990’s CE he started a $200 million fund at Rothschild Inc. to invest in distressed assets. In 2000 CE, on April Fool’s day, Ross raised an additional $450 million to invest in troubled companies. The timing of this strategy could not have been better, as this report from New York Magazine stated: “The 2000–1 rolling stock-market crash, 9/11, and a globally synchronous recession pushed scores of companies into bankruptcy. New Economy high-fliers like Enron, WorldCom, and Global Crossing went bust. But so did Old Economy stalwarts in industries like steel and textiles—victims of excess capacity, global competition, and generous union contracts.”

1978 CE-1990s CE: Trump’s brand manufactured by the Rothschilds Crime MOB’s Think Tanks starting in 1978 and into the 1980’s using the casinos in Atlantic City as DRUG MONEY laundering for the Rothschilds MOB’s Drug trade. In 1978 CE, the Spotlight newspaper reported that the principle investors of Resorts International were Baron Edmond de Rothschild, Meyer Lansky, Tibor Rosenbaum, William Mellon Hitchcock, and David Rockefeller. “In 1987, upon the death of longtime CIA front man James Crosby, the nominal head of Resorts International, up-and-coming young New York real estate tycoon Donald Trump stepped into the picture and bought Crosby’s interest in the gambling empire.” In 1987 Donald Trump purchased his first casino interests when he acquired 93% of the shares in Resorts International using Rothschilds MOB MONEY managed by their agent WILBUR ROSS (Secretary of Commerce under Trump)! “Trump soon became a household name, with his colorful personality and his insistence upon naming a variety of luxury hotels, apartment houses and other commercial ventures after himself. But while the name “Trump” appeared in the headlines, the names of the real movers behind Resorts International remained hidden from public view.” But the support of the Rothschild’s would become even more apparent. After quickly expanding the reach of Resorts International to Atlantic City in the final years of the 1980’s CE doing DRUG money laundering, Trump found himself in financial trouble as the real estate market in New York tanked. Conveniently, Trump claimed bankruptcy due to the three casinos in Atlantic City under pretend threat from lenders. It was only with the further assistance and assurance of Wilbur L. Ross Jr., senior managing director of Rothschild Inc. that Trump was allowed to keep the casinos and rebuild his threatened empire. All this was pure show as the Rothschilds NEEDED the MONEY LAUNDERING for their DRUG Trades. With Wilbur Ross managing Trump, the Trump Empire continued to roll forward and eventually expanded its brand into the realm of reality television, the newest method of socioeconomic and cultural engineering.

2005 CE: Trump said, “I have to start by saying that I’m a big fan, a very big fan, of the United Nations and all it stands for.”

2016 CE: Trump to AIPAC crowd said, “The United Nations is not a friend of democracy. It’s not a friend to freedom. It’s not even a friend to the United States of America, where we all know, it has its home. And it surely isn’t a friend to Israel.”

2016 CE: Rothschilds Crime MOB agent $Billionaire investor Wilbur L. Ross Jr. supported the nomination of Donald Trump for president in a Bloomberg article dated March 9, 2016 CE saying Trump, “…a valuable resource that may be used, especially as a surprise, in order to gain an advantage…” At no time in the history of the modern world and politics has an anti-establishment candidate (Trump is a Rothschilds Crime MAFIA Puppet) been given so much media attention and free airtime ($3+ Billion). The negative reporting of Donald Trump by most media is scripted by Rothschilds MOB Think Tanks use of their fine-tuned cognitive dissonance strategy.

2018 CE: TRUMP’s Cognitive Dissonance uses flip-flops to keep a constant focus of attention on LIES and PROPAGANDA in the mainstream media — A psychological method to manufacture conflict and cause extreme mental and emotional pain and confusion to weaken all its victims — a means to create mental and emotional socioeconomic engineering to transform a large populations. He is helping the Rothschilds Crime MAFIA to destroy the DOLLAR as the world currency by re-engineering Americans to accept their fate as the MAFIA moves to One World Dictatorship (United Nations as the FRONT ORGANIZATION). The MAFIA and Trump are using American Nationalism to transform America into being subservient to Rothschilds MAFIA run United Nations.

TODAY CE: Rothschilds Crime MOB support for front men, Ross and Trump, bringing jobs back to America at lower-wages will help industries like steel and textiles and will support both domestic growth and an increase in wealth for the ROTHSCHILDS MOB including Ross who invested in distressed American assets. The establishment is the international banking Syndicate (Rothschilds Crime MOB). All of the talking points about trade deals and bringing jobs back, as well as the United Nations, NATO, and the national debt, all fit within the methodology of the Rothschilds MAFIA’s monetary transition that weakens America.


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