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Germ Theory is a fraud

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Humanity has been lied to on so many levels. This has been the foundation of The Matrix, which has imprisoned and enslaved all of us for so long. The Germ Theory is one of the many lies we’ve been told and made to believe.

The essence of the Germ Theory is that we are surrounded 24/7 by dangerous contagions. Is there a more effective way to instill fear in large parts of the population? This very notion is contradictory to the fact that we live in an abundant, loving and nurturing reality. We need to understand that germs do not cause diseases like we are always taught.

Warning! Dangerous germs ahead!

Of course, I am not denying that diseases exist. Dis-ease is real. But I am pointing out that germs are not the cause. We will talk about the real cause later. But first, we need to empty our cups of knowledge to make room for the truth.

Germ Theory leads to madness

Pretty much the entire world population has witnessed first hand what the Germ Theory has gotten us into in the year 2020. Because of a single virus, entire nations ordered draconian lock-downs. Family members couldn’t visit their sick or dying parents and grandparents in nursing homes. Children were forced to wear masks, social distance and were taught that their presence could be a danger to others. Whole economies were ruined because of a danger that wasn’t even real to begin with. In 2020, a lot of unnecessary suffering has been created because humanity was indoctrinated with the false belief of the Germ Theory. All of it could have been avoided if we had known the truth.

Germ paranoia – How insane must society be to even consider this to be acceptable?

The war on germs is the direct result of the Germ Theory. We look at germs as the enemy which needs to be destroyed while completely forgetting the fact that germs have been part of this reality since the dawn of time. Every organism on this planet plays a crucial role. This includes germs as well, and I will explain it in more detail when I talk about the Terrain Theory.

Germs have been made the scapegoat for modern medicine. Our so called experts really go out of their way to fight this so called enemy. Have you ever noticed how in these fights, nobody ever talks about health? They always talk about the germ and whatever ludicrous ways they think of dealing with them. Nobody ever talks about environmental factors, healthier diets or exercise. Those are some of the most important things to consider if you want to live a healthy life. It’s like talking about war all the time while intending to achieve peace. The Law of Attraction clearly shows that it doesn’t work this way. Diseases are not caused by germs, and going to war with them is not helping us one bit.

Psychological Warfare against our own children – all because of Germ Theory propaganda

Unfortunately, a lot of our so called modern medicine is all about waging this war. To understand health and dis-ease, we need to learn the potential as well as limitations of modern medicine, which we will do later. But first, let’s take a look into history.

The founder of the Germ Theory

The Germ Theory has been around for a very long time. But it wasn’t until the 19th century, when a man called Louis Pasteur, through his work, pushed it into mainstream acceptance. His work also led to the wide spread use of vaccinations, one of the most horrible crimes committed against humanity.

I suggest you to read the Wikipedia article about Louis Pasteur. Even on mainstream Wikipedia, you can find interesting information, some of which doesn’t put him in a good light at all. For instance, he always kept his notes and protocols secret from public. It was only in 1964, when Pasteur’s descendant donated the papers to the French National Library. Why didn’t Louis Pasteur show details of his work to the public? What did he keep secret? He certainly didn’t seem like a virtuous person who believed in the power of truth and honesty.

Consequently, there are a few people who criticize his work. Some call it unscientific, deceitful and misleading, and I believe this is well deserved, considering the unnecessary suffering the acceptance of the false Germ Theory has created over the decades.

Interestingly, Louis Pasteur suffered a severe brain stroke when he was only 46 years old. For all the praise this man gets for his work in disease prevention and treatment, he didn’t seem to be in good health himself. A stroke is a serious issue and does not just happen. It is a clear sign of poor health, especially when it happens at such a young age. To be fair, at least he managed to live until he was 72 years old, although it’s unlikely he really thrived after the stroke he experienced.

Some sources claim that on his death bed, Louis Pasteur said:

Bernard was correct. I was wrong. The microbe (germ) is nothing. The terrain (milieu) is everything.

Claude Bernard, along with Antoine Béchamp, proposed the Terrain Theory, which was mostly at odds with Pasteur’s Germ Theory. It’s not confirmed that Louis Pasteur actually stated this, but the content is true nevertheless. Despite this, the Germ Theory was pushed into the mainstream narrative through advertising and propaganda, leaving the Terrain Theory on the wayside and almost forgotten by the public.

Germ Theory vs. Terrain Theory: Which seems to make more sense to you?

It’s worthwhile to look into Béchamp’s Wikipedia article as well. You will realize that much less is written about him, and what is there seems to be very critical compared to all the praise Louis Pasteur gets. It’s worth remembering that mainstream Wikipedia has an interest to propose the narrative of Germ Theory, despite its obvious flaws, which we will talk about now.

But before we do, I’d like to point out that Béchamp died at the age of 91 years. So, when talking about health and disease, would you rather listen to somebody who lived for 72 years and had a stroke at the age of 46, or someone who lived for 91 years? I’m just saying.

The flaws of the Germ Theory

When we take a closer look, we will find that the Germ Theory is full with flaws. And to retain any credibility, these flaws are usually explained through often pathetic arguments.

To begin with, Louis Pasteur made one crucial mistake. He assumed that the healthy human body is sterile, e.g. free of any germs. But we know that this is not true at all. Especially our intestines are filled with bacteria, which are required for properly digesting our food. It is said that the average human body consists of more foreign organisms than of human cells. Think about that. Germs are a part of us. For all purposes, we are those germs and they are us. It is a symbiotic relationship.

Modern medicine states that some diseases are asymptomatic. That means that we don’t always develop symptoms (get sick) when we get infected with a germ. In proper science, there is the rule of cause and effect. According to the Germ Theory, diseases are caused by germs. Germs are the cause. Disease is the effect. So when you introduce the cause, the effect must follow. If not, your model is not correct or at least incomplete.

Modern medicine uses the excuse of asymptomatic diseases to not address this obvious flaw. They tell us diseases are caused by germs. But obviously, some infected people develop symptoms and get sick, while others don’t. So what makes the difference? We can get infected with some disease now but only develop symptoms later, sometimes after months or years. How can this be explained? The Terrain Theory explains this perfectly well, but the Germ Theory falls totally flat. It has no answer. It seems like whoever gets sick and who doesn’t appears to be random in modern medicine. That just shows how unscientific the Germ Theory really is.

The immune system

Modern medicine came up with the idea of an immune system to explain why some people get infected from germs and some don’t, even though this still doesn’t explain the problem with asymptomatic diseases. This is merely a pathetic attempt to safe the credibility of the Germ Theory.

To be fair, there is some truth to the concept of an immune system. Every living organism tries to maintain homeostasis at all times. This means that every body is self regulating to ensure optimal biological and chemical functions. This is why every wound or even broken bones heal by themselves over time. It also ensures that pathogens and unwanted foreign material get expelled from the body or inhibited from entering through various means. Homeostasis has some similarities with the so called innate immune system.

What modern medicine doesn’t understand is that every infectious disease is in fact one of the body’s ways to restore optimal biological and chemical functions. Instead, they scapegoat the germs for being the cause when in reality, the cause is something very different. It’s like accusing firefighters for arson. Homeostasis is an important part of the Terrain Theory, so we will talk about it in more detail later.

“Firefighters are always found on the scene… They must have caused the fire!” – Germ Theory logic

However, the real problem with the immune system lies in the concept of the adaptive immune system. That is where antibodies, white blood cells and vaccines come into play. If vaccines are so successful, how can vaccinated people get the disease they are vaccinated against and unvaccinated people stay healthy (or even healthier)? Is it just bad luck? That is not how proper science works. Once again, the Terrain Theory can provide a logical answer. Vaccines have never been effective against preventing diseases because the whole Germ Theory behind it is a fraud. We will talk about other issues with vaccines later.

According to the adaptive immune system, exposure to pathogens creates immunity. But every flu season, a lot of people get sick. Is it always a different pathogen? Our experts love to come up with bogus explanations like “the virus has mutated”. Isn’t it more likely that the Germ Theory is simply false and something else is going on every year?

It is actually possible to become completely oblivious to any sort of dis-ease. There are people who lived dis-ease free for decades. They literally never get sick! Now, do you think it is because they are never exposed to germs? I doubt it. At the same time, certain lifestyle changes from such individuals will, without any exception, lead to dis-ease. Again, lifestyle changes usually don’t have anything to do with germs. We need to understand the true cause for dis-ease. With that knowledge, we become able to prevent or cure it.

Overall, the concept of an immune system is nothing more but a poor adaptation of the process of homeostasis. It leaves a lot of contradictions and open questions. Homeostasis and the Terrain Theory on the other hand are sound and accurately describe the whole picture of what is going on. The Germ Theory couldn’t even stand on its own feet without stealing a few ideas from the process of homeostasis and calling it immune system. And even then, a lot of things still don’t make sense at all.

“Uncurable” diseases

Modern medicine as we know it today has started to really take off around the end of the 19th century. Louis Pasteur of course played a crucial role in this process. Now, let’s take a hard look at what modern medicine has achieved after more than 100 years.

Obviously, a lot of health issues have been solved. In the 19th century and before, child mortality was high, which was the main reason for low average life expectancy. People were suffering and dying from cholera, smallpox, measles and many other ailments. Modern medicine praises vaccinations for the eradication of such diseases, but as we shall see, improved hygiene and sanitation is actually responsible for this. In the 19th century, many people were living in filth, so it’s no surprise that diseases were wide spread.

Rotting dead animals, horse manure and waste matter on the streets in the 19th century – No wonder people got sick

Nowadays, we have greatly improved sanitation, so we no longer have problems with diseases of the past. But look at our population as a whole. Are we truly healthier than before? How can we explain the skyrocketing numbers of people suffering from cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer, autism, arthritis, allergies and auto-immune diseases? We have literal epidemics of these new diseases with numbers getting higher and higher every year. Not to mention that those are only the most severe present-day health problems. Take a look at today’s average human. Conditions have gone so bad that we even consider it “normal” to be slightly overweight, have a cold or flu once or twice a year or die unnaturally and prematurely from some type of disease. All of this is anything but normal!

If the Germ Theory is true, why didn’t it lead to better overall health? Why, after more than 100 years, is our society still generally not in great health? Why does the opposite seem to happen, with humans getting sicker and sicker every year? Of course, modern medicine is puzzled by all of this. It can’t provide an answer. Clearly, the new diseases of the 20th century can’t be explained with the Germ Theory.

Some experts are so clueless that they start looking for germs causing these problems. But of course, this is a dead end. Some diseases are even blamed on genes. Bullshit. As we know, our DNA is not fixed in stone. We can actually change it. Everything is in our control. Blaming it on genes really means saying “It’s not in our power. There’s nothing we can do about that.” when in reality, we very well can and should.

“I’m sorry. There’s nothing more we can do for you.” – How many unnecessary death sentences have been spoken out of ignorance?

To this day, modern medicine has not been able to understand and prevent cancer despite the massive amounts of resources poured into this field of research. It’s because most of modern medicine is based on false models and assumptions. They simply do not understand dis-ease. That is why they say that some diseases can’t be cured, when in reality, they can. As a general rule, all living tissue is still able to regain homeostasis and therefore return to its intended optimal functioning.

As we can see, the Germ Theory only seems able to explain a small part of what is happening. It is not a model that accurately describes the bigger picture, therefore we can’t take it to be the whole truth. On the other hand, the Terrain Theory perfectly explains the occurrence of cholera, smallpox, measles as well as cancer, autism or auto-immune disease. In fact, it explains almost every disease in existence, because as we shall see, there really is only one dis-ease.

Koch’s postulates

If you are still not questioning the validity of the Germ Theory at this point, you probably will after I expose how it doesn’t even stand against proper science.

Robert Koch was a German physician and microbiologist. He is famous for coming up with the Koch’s postulates. These are four criteria to scientifically prove that a certain disease is caused by a specific microorganism. They are:

  1. The microorganism must be found in abundance in all organisms suffering from the disease, but should not be found in healthy organisms.
  2. The microorganism must be isolated from a diseased organism and grown in pure culture.
  3. The cultured microorganism should cause disease when introduced into a healthy organism.
  4. The microorganism must be re-isolated from the inoculated, diseased experimental host and identified as being identical to the original specific causative agent.

This is what the early proponents of the Germ Theory came up with themselves! Scientifically speaking, they are quite sound steps to proof the Germ Theory. First, you ensure that the germ only occurs in infected, sick organisms and not in healthy ones. Second, you take a sample of the germ from an infected organism and grow it in a pure culture, completely free of contaminants or other substances. Third, the germ sample is introduced into a healthy organism, which must then develop exactly the same symptoms/disease like the infected organism. Forth, you take a germ sample from the previously healthy organism and ensure that it is identical to the cultivated germ from the infected organism.

You may be interested to know that mainstream science has failed to fulfill the Koch’s postulates again and again. Remember that in proper science, all four postulates must be fulfilled.

Even Robert Koch himself realized that some germs, like cholera, didn’t even fulfill the first criteria. Instead of admitting that the Germ Theory may in fact be wrong, he simply decided that the first postulate is not really important anyway. So what he did was basically saying: “My results don’t even match my initial theory. So let’s just ease up on our scientific criteria instead of changing our believes, eh?” How is this proper science? Are we supposed to trust people who work like that?

Now, read the third postulate carefully. Do you notice something? It says “should” instead of “must”. Like explained above, this is not even properly following the law of cause and effect. According to the Germ Theory, claiming that an infection only has a 1% chance to cause disease is not scientific. We must ask: What makes the difference between the 1% and the 99%? If we follow this question to its end, we inevitably arrive at the Terrain Theory.

The forth postulate ties in with the Contagion myth, which I will debunk in a minute. For now, I want to emphasize how modern medicine can’t even deliver any real proof according to its own scientific criteria! Any proper scientist with a conscience would have to accept the validity of the Koch’s postulates. But instead of acknowledging that their own experiences disapprove the Germ Theory, scientists started to criticize the Koch’s postulates and even came up with new criteria that match their preconceived believes. Nowadays, the so called scientific evidence to back the Germ Theory is a complete mumbo jumbo of false assumptions, shaky theories, confusing scientific terms and complicated microbiological processes which nobody really understands. And all of this is used to somehow defend the dead birth called Germ Theory.

The contagion myth

A crucial part of the Germ Theory is the idea that diseases can be spread through transmission of germs. We simply accept this to be true. After all, everyone at least once experienced “catching a cold” from a close friend or family member, right? But what if all of this is just a myth and there are different reasons for what looks like a contagion?

Think about it. How is developing the same symptoms like an infected person after a few days any hard proof for an actual contagion? Isn’t it possible that it’s simply a correlation instead of a causation? I can think of different explanations why it may seem as if diseases can be transmitted.

For instance, family members often follow similar diets and lifestyles. So if those are rather poor, chances are high that when one person gets sick and starts the process of homeostasis, another one just may experience the same soon afterwards. Also, could environmental factors like air pollution, harmful electromagnetic radiation, poor water quality, the climate or lack of sunshine play an important role? I most certainly think so, and these factors often affect entire neighborhoods, communities or even nations. Like mentioned above, there are people who have never been sick for decades. These individuals have put in a lot of effort to get the above factors working well for them. You can try coughing and sneezing at these people. They won’t get infected, because that is simply not how it works.

However, the biggest issue I have with the Contagion myth is that it can’t explain the beginning of the infection chain. Where does the first infected person come from? Or, if it’s supposedly originally transmitted by an animal, where does the first infected animal come from? And what about all those newly discovered germs? Have they always been here, or did they come out of nowhere? If they have always been here, humans should have sufficient immunity against them according to the Germ Theory, right?

If diseases are spread in a domino-like chain reaction, what is the cause for the first stone to fall?

If they are new, where did they come from and how could the first individual get infected? The only explanation could be artificial creation and infection. But humanity has suffered from diseases so much and for so long, is it really possible that it has always been man-made for thousands of years? Do you see how it doesn’t make any sense at all? The Terrain Theory can explain why people get sick and what mechanisms are responsible for diseases to manifest. It has nothing to do with contagious germs that spread among living beings.

Do you remember the forth Koch’s postulate? It states that after transmission of a germ and a resulting infection, the germs from both the source as well as the infected organism must be identified as being the same germ. I would even go further to say that they must be genetically directly related with each other.

Using the domino-effect analogy, it must be ensured that two consecutive stones must belong to the same set of domino stones. They can’t be two consecutive stones of different sets of domino stones. Why is this important? Because this distinction would either proof or dismiss the Contagion myth. But to my knowledge, such a proof has never been delivered.

The contagion myth is a big lie. I dare you to prove me wrong. Show me a study where the forth Koch’s postulate is fulfilled by proving that the genetic code of both the source as well as the infected organism are related to each other, indicating that the infected organism’s germs are in fact the children/descendants of the source’s germs. Do this through genetic marking or through any other means necessary. Do whatever it takes to proof that the germs in the infected organism could neither have been there before nor created through the process of homeostasis, but instead can only be explained by a transmission of germs through an undeniable direct genetic relation. I have not yet seen a convincing study like this that would irrefutably proof the Contagion myth, and with it, the Germ Theory.

Viruses have never been proven

If you already think I sound like a blasphemer, wait until you read what I have to say about viruses.

Unlike bacteria, viruses are so small that they cannot be seen through an optical microscope. All the images of viruses we have seen are rendered from electronic microscopes and other sophisticated technology. Are you aware how most of us instinctively react anxious to the images of spiky viruses and other germs? Do you think that decade-long propaganda plays a role in this? The whole Germ Theory is part of a bigger agenda.

SARS-CoV-2, a “deadly virus” so small, you can’t even see it through an optical microscope

Anyway, Virology is a relatively young sub-field of microbiology. Do you know how the idea of an infectious virus actually arose? A man called Dmitri Ivanovsky looked into why tobacco plants developed diseases. His studies showed that it couldn’t be a bacterial infection, so he concluded that it must have been a different pathogen, one that is so small it could pass the filtration system. And with this, the virus was born.

Basically, the idea of an infectious virus came out of necessity. According to the Germ Theory, scientists simply couldn’t explain the cause of certain diseases. It’s the same old story: “Our experience doesn’t match our believes, so we invent some bogus explanation to remain credible.” The virus was nothing more but a welcomed scapegoat to falsely blame the cause of diseases on it.

But what is a virus really? Its nature is controversial even among biologists. It’s not really clear whether a virus is considered a living being or not. It does have its own DNA or RNA, but neither a cell structure nor its own metabolism. A virus is a seemingly parasitic entity, starting to reproduce out of living host cells after an infection.

If it is a parasite, why would a virus pose a danger to its host body by reproducing uncontrollably when its very own survival depends on the host? Also, how does a virus manage to stay alive while dormant? Isn’t it more likely that viruses are nothing more but cellular debris? Are viruses simple by-products whenever an organism goes through the process of restoring homeostasis?

There are many different ways to identify a virus. Most common methods include anti-body tests and PCR tests. Anti-body tests don’t test for the actual virus. Instead, a person’s blood is checked for antibodies against a certain virus.

The PCR test on the other hand is a method to identify a virus by its genetic code. In layman’s terms, this means taking a sample and multiplying the genetic code through specific procedures. Because the PCR test effectively manipulates the original sample, it’s very prone to error. It’s also worth noting that identifying a genetic code is not the same as identifying a dangerous viral entity. By the way, the PCR test was also widely used during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. This was heavily criticized as it produced a lot of false positives through the massive testing. But, as we now all know, this was just one of many things going wrong during the entire Corona hoax.

Both the antibody test as well as the PCR test are not reliable to prove the existence of a virus. And even if they were, it still doesn’t prove that viruses are harmful and dangerous or that the Germ Theory is true. The only real scientific proof would have to come from using the Koch’s postulates mentioned above as sound scientific criteria. However, no such proof was ever delivered for any virus, ever! The whole viral theory is a lie and Dr. Robert O. Young explains this in more detail. He even offered a 5 million USD reward for anyone who could prove the existence of HIV using the Koch’s postulates. Why, after decades, is still nobody able to deliver?

By the way, it is interesting to know that according to Wikipedia, virus” originally meant “venom” and virulent” derives from the latin word “virulentus”, meaning “a poisoned wound” or “full of poison”. I find this very telling and this tidbit of information really points more to the validity of the Terrain Theory instead of the Germ Theory.

If the Germ Theory is a lie, is it okay to stop using antiseptics and wallow in filth?

I can see the potential for misunderstanding, so I will clarify a few things. My intention is not to encourage you to roll around in mud like a pig. Even though germs are not the cause of dis-ease, exposure to filth, especially over long periods, can negatively affect your health. Cleanliness is one important factor which should not be neglected.

However, do not mistake cleanliness with Germ Paranoia. It is not only unnecessary, but even harmful to disinfect everything and everyone. Remember that our bodies consist of more foreign life forms than human cells. Killing germs literally means killing ourselves. Take a close look at all the products you may using in your home, whether it’s cleaning supplies or cosmetic products. Try to go minimalistic and as natural as possible to avoid chemical substances as much as you can. Industrial products generally have a negative impact on our health.

Mass disinfection after 2020’s Corona Virus outbreak – Pure madness which causes more harm than it does good

Still, there is one good reason to use disinfectants or antiseptics. It is still particularly important to keep a sterile environment in hospitals and similar places. However, it is not because germs are generally dangerous and contagious. It is simply because hospitalized people are usually already very sick and frail people. If they weren’t, they probably wouldn’t have ended up there in the first place.

In hospitals, we have many people whose body’s integrity has already been compromised through inappropriate lifestyles or outer influences. Or in other words, their inner terrain is already very filthy, which makes it an ideal breeding ground for germs. Also, by getting surgery or a medical procedure in which skin is cut, the patient loses its most important defense to prevent unwanted or foreign matter to enter the body, thus making him or her even more susceptible.

However, according to the Terrain Theory, these issues are much less significant for anybody with a clean inner terrain. These individuals are very unlikely to get an infection, even through open wound exposure. It’s also noteworthy that their wounds heal much quicker than those whose body’s integrity has been compromised. If all humans would live a healthy lifestyle, there wouldn’t even be a need for sterile hospitals since our bodies would be able to get through treatment without any infection. This reality may be hard to imagine now, but I have no doubt that it is indeed possible.

Generally speaking, if you want to be healthy, you focus on providing the right inner and outer environment through an appropriate lifestyle instead of killing off any germs you come across. That is basically the essence of the Terrain Theory.

Final words

I am aware that I have been rather aggressive in debunking the Germ Theory. The reason for this is simple. After decades of mass propaganda and indoctrination, society is very resistant to see through this huge lie. I have chosen rather strong words to break through the walls of brainwashed minds. If you have gotten this far, chances are high that you have already begun the process of seeing through the manipulation.

At this point, I will also admit that some truth can actually be found in the fraud which is the Germ Theory, but not in the sense in which it is usually propagated. On a certain level of existence, diseases can actually be transmitted. It’s basically the same way in which a big old smile can be contagious. It happens on an emotional and energetic level. Remember that everything is energy. This includes germs and diseases.

Disease is a low-frequency vibration. According to the Law of Attraction, we can only get sick when our own energy signature resonates with this low frequency. Unless we are very careful and aware, close and frequent proximity to other disease-susceptible people can affect our own vibration negatively. This, of course, is not contagion as we are told it is.

On the other hand, raising our own vibration to high levels through a proper lifestyle will ensure that we experience the bliss that comes with good health, while also positively affecting others around us. The Terrain Theory also covers this and is once again a sound model of reality, including the effects in the energetic dimension just as well.

I know that all this new information may be hard to digest. Just give yourself plenty of time. Do your own research. Have the courage to question the things we are told, especially when something doesn’t make sense to you. But most importantly, continue reading the other articles in this chapter, as they will help you shift your mindset from the false Germ Theory to the accurate Terrain Theory by connecting all the dots.

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