The Protocols Of Zion (Full Movie)

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November 01, 2017

Jeff Kutzler – Protocols of Zion

This video covers the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (a gang of ruthless terrorists who wish to enslave all humans) and how they are being applied in real life. I downloaded this video just before jewtube suspended Charles Giuliani’s account, obviously because some jews hate the videos he was uploading. (Charles’ old jewtube channel
The way that the non-jewish world found out about the Protocols, is covered in Dennis Wises’ 3rd series (link below)

Books: The Protocols of the Elders of Zion!clYiGSyL!UJj-fSOCgz3p0spxOdSodQ there are a few different editions, varying no. of pages. (note i have not included the word ‘learned’ since as someone once said, the animals that follow these protocols are savages).

The Polish people had a saying ‘The jew cries out in pain as he hits you.’ think about that the next time you hear a jew crying out in pain (ie holocaust, persecuted, anti-semite, etc), whilst simultaneously he is trying to control you.

Word of the year: Sayanim – ‘Jews living outside Israel that volunteer to provide assistance to the Israeli Mossad. Includes facilitating medical care, money, logistics and even overt intelligence gathering. Estimates put the number of sayanim in the hundreds of thousands.’

Other good docs
Dennis Wise 1 – The Greatest Story Never Told (2nd edition)
Dennis Wise 2 – NWO: Communism By The Backdoor
Dennis Wise 3 – The Secret Masonic Victory of World War Two upto part 12 – then goto or jewtube
Europa – The Last Battle

Ernst Zundel – Setting the Record Straight (1 of 2) 2003
Ernst Zundel – The German Holocaust 1 of 7
Ernst Zundel – The true story of German-Jewish relations 1 of 12
Eric Hunt 1st doc Spielbergs Hoax – The Last Days Of The Big Lie – 2011
Treblinka – Dr Fredrick Toben
Judea Declares War on Germany – Dr Fredrick Toben
David Irving Discusses Rudolf Hess – November, 2013 – part 1 of 7
Adolf Hitler The Greatest Story Ever Told
excellent compilation of heroes from all around the world who fought against ZOG (Zionists Organised Government)

I Appeal to reason – a detailed chronological account of the endless efforts by Adolf Hitler to prevent war and his many peace offers, both prior to and during the war.

The Not So Chosen People part 1
Excellent series revealing how the Israeli jews of today, are not the biblical Israelis, but rather the enemy of Israelis and hence all of mankind.

History of the Jews in Russia – The Russian-Jewish Revolution – Part 1
excellent details of how the jews have ruthlessly and relentlessly attacked Russia over the past few hundred years.

Other good Bitchute channels
DocumentaryTube – Adolf Hitler The Greatest Story Ever Told – TRUTH
Herr Nordstorm
If Americans Knew
John Robinson 101
Know More News (Adam Green)
Marko212 (scroll down to his 1st videos)
The Goyim Know
The Truth Seeker (EUROPA – The Last Battle)
Truth Gone Viral Tv
White Power
World History Revisited
Zionist Report

🎧 Third Reich Music Vids 🎧

👇Other channels of me👇

Ethnic Germans A Forgotten Genocide

The Jewish Global Power Mechanism Explained 2017 (Jeff Kutzler) + Protocols books

Language – English

Let me make this clear, “This is OUR Free Planet,” and nobody owns nothing…..not even a bunch of self-aggrandizing Zionist Godma-ised game-theorists who will fund ‘any global action they deem suitable’ for their (amoral i.e. anti-Goyim) global domination cause.


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