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Response To Government/Freemasons/ANTIFA IAF/LAF Video And Pages

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First OFF anyone with a half a brain cell would know not to listen or believe a single word Out Of Antifas Filthy Nazi Mouths, Wheter They Are IAF or LAF. All weirdos and Pedophiles.

These Are Government/ANTIFA Accounts posing as “Anons” created to sow more division amongst those of us that are truly laying it all on the line, and fast becoming the very bane of the governments/controlled oppositions very existence, not only THAT but putting a HUGE DENT in their UN Agenda 2030 plans for a global fascist dictatorship. Videos / Smear campaigns like these only serve to motivate me to try harder, up my game and hit back harder and that is exactly what i intend on doing. I will not be silenced, say what you want, tell lies to try and worm your way out of your positions as government plants until the cows come home, post what you want, send who you want, they will be met with the same kind of force. The Truth will always Prevail. I am fearless. Fear the man with nothing to lose.

I was roaring laughing at the lies after lies as M15/ANTIFA/IRB/Yellow Vest/Controlled Opposition/Freemasons/Government And Their Lackeys run out of ideas after already failing to stop me, slow me down or even phase me in the slightest. Their lame attempts to break me, my family and circle of friends both offline and online have once again failed miserably. Here is the thing, now you are phuked. You have shown your full hand and i have’nt even started, that’s it ? That’s the best you can do ? I am still here on my laptop, typing with a cuppa, unphased. So now what ? You comin for me or not ? 😀

I have’nt been online much in the past 2 weeks ( just taking a Kit Kat and some Holliers) so it was a perfect window of opportunity for the government plants to bite back. Here is the thing, i am the thorn in their sides, hurting them all in their pockets and they have had enough,. That makes me HAPPY lol 😀 To be attacked like this by the “cancel culture” reassures me that what i am doing in exposing all of the Wolves In Sheeps Clothing, is definitely working and there are a LOT of pissed off wolves out there 😛

I have hundreds of more to expose, both offline and online. I won’t stop now until the addresses of every ANTIFA member, politician and their families and corrupt teachers/guards and any other so called professionals (sell outs) are up online for all to see. Full doxxss, they already know where I live, but don’t have the bottle.

Government Facebook Accounts


We See You

IRELAND AGAINST FASCISM ARE “ANTIFA” THE SELF PROCLAIMED FAR LEFT NAZIs OF IRELAND KNOWINGLY AIDING AND ABETTING IN CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY AND WITH IT, THE PEOPLE OF IRELAND. They are the very same people pushing paedophilia under the guise of under-aged sexual education programmes in “children schools” nationwide.

I took it up with Salesians School in Limerick City and nearly got Mary Cahillane (Of ANTIFA/Solidarity), a teacher there, fired, the guards and ombudsman for childrens education were investigating whether Salesians School namely Clare Ray were knowingly collabing with far left extremists ANTIFA during school hours, Clare Ray (Principal) then reported us (me and my GF to TUSLA) for merely making all the other parents aware that these creepy programmes were taking place, behind closed doors, right under the noses of the parents of those poor children, without any consent. Completely Oblivious. Clare then proceeded to ring my GF using bully boy tactics one Sunday afternoon accusing and blaming my GF for all of the “Extra Work That The School Had To Do On THEIR WEEKEND OFF As A Result Of Me Exposing Them” TUSLA were’nt long backing off also. Filthy Animals The Lot Of Them.

These pro governent ANTIFA vermin are also protesting with extreme violence and aggression in a failed bid to have us all muzzled, silenced with FACE NAPPYS and line up for the poisonous JABBYs /Vaxxxxernations

2 More Government Accounts

Jane Doenahue

John Doenahue

Here you see RICHARD LONG a prominent member of LIMERICK AGAINST FASCISM (Senior Nazi member)AND FAKE FAR RIGHTER AND FRUIT BASKET PHIL BEIRNE take to the “government/shill” accounts under their posts where the smear campaigning was taking place to join in on the charades.

(I’ll copy and paste all of the above into a blog accompanied by images for future reference also)

I can say with all honesty that the individuals being called GOVERNMENT SPIES on these shill accounts are doing some of the most unbelievable astounding and best investigative citizen reporting I have ever seen.

You can actually check them out for yourself in our telegram group here , where we expose all of the controlled opposition.

The Good People Fighting The Good Fight

Also be sure to check out my website and accounts here.


  • ANTIFA Claim to have received “anonymous tip offs” about these lies spewed all over their videos but can’t name the individuals for fear of retaliation ? Really ? So we can all just ASSUME that what ANTIFA are telling us, is true ya ?

Because ANTIFA are known to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth ya ? LMAO 😂

Get a life, digging dirt and throwing your toys out of the pram simply because I am not as easily fooled as a large portion of Patriots out there into following Controlled Opposition and freemasons such as Ben Gilroy or Dolores Cahill. Stop now.

  • I was accused of having XTC tablets in my possession, when i was in my 20s. I’m 42 now. It was 22 years ago. I did’nt even know what a Gestapo or stasi was when i was in my 20s ffs, I was too busy working hard and playing hard, clubbing, Dejaying and dancing. I was set up in Kerry by a Detective – Shane O Driscoll And a Ray Monaghan, I was never found to have any drugs in my possession, someone else in a house party, I person was charged and i was charged 2 years later whilst in college, they arrested me and unlawfully charged me. I broke Shane And Rays hearts with contant blagarding and public orders, running rings and circles around them for years before that so they were hellbent on making me pay for it and they did, by way of a stitch up. There were no other “Drug Dealers” involved. At all.

The images of the attack on me by 2 Guards in Limerick can be found here:


  • When i was 30 (10 Years Later) , me and my mates were involved in a scuffle in a hotel with another crowd at around 2 a.m. We all left, I was followed home by 2 Guards, Cathal O Sullivan and hes associate. I will add pictures of the case details and of the perpetrators, to this blog soon as i can. They left me a right-off. I am not liked very much by the Guards and thats ok, because they are only freemasonic minions and lackeys of the establishment (that’s what i told them on the night “To Phuk Off That They Were Only Minions” and it was read out in court lol, A Darach McCarthy was representing me when all of the evidence “went missing” bar 2 small tiny images of 2 small tiny baton marks on each thigh, the representatives claimed they could’nt find the photos on the day, a big envelope of photos (about 30) and as a result the Judge conveniently justified the force used by the guards on the night, Cathal and hes mate walked free, I appealed the case, my life hasnt been the same since) That’s was the turning point for me, 7 years ago I went to treatment for prescription meds and havent messed with a single “medication” since. I vowed instead to concentrate on my IT credentials and use them to expose the government. That’s around the same time I met a load of Anons online over in Google Plus Groups and eventually got wind of the United Nations Agenda 2021 plans for a prison planet. I that had serious run ins with 77th Brigade Intel Arm Of the British army, CAKU and soros shills online. That’s how i became the Shill Hunter I was exposing the ruling classes Shills for years using this account.

Here is another i used

It Was’nt until the fake pandemic happened that I realized that my expertise in this area after years going after intel agencies and their shill accounts that i was going to be needed back here in our own back yard to tackle the pied pipers and controlled opposition.

  • My Parents moved out of Limerick when i was just 16. I did’nt go with them. I went up and down for years helping them with their discount store before they were made bankrupt about 10 years ago. I sometimes earned my pocket money by going down and helping them with merchandising and storework.
  • My GFs face painting hobby/entertainment is called Stormy Rainbow after our first miscarriage. We were going to call the baby “STORM”. Unfortunately “Storm” did’nt make it first time around and now our Sons name is Ocean “Storm” O Shea 😀 Born 3 years later. The Rainbow part had absolutely nothing to do with LGBT, did’nt even spring to mind. It was because we were going to try for a RAINBOW BABY (a baby that comes after a miscarriage “” )Not that either of us have a problem with gay or homosexual individuals, in fact we both know quiet a few in Limerick and Afar. Let’s get one thing clear, I have never WENT AFTER LGBT members or their community/members, I have no interest in Horizontal Fighting , I want the Nazis, the ones pushing migration replacement agenda, the ones pushing the covid narrative, the climate narrative, Agenda 2021, Agenda 2030 Etc Etc. THE RULING CLASS. I am self admittedly a Avid Populist. I’m neither pro or anti LGBT. I do however have a massive issue with MAPs Minor Attracted Persons Or/And Paedophiles. Period.

My website speaks for itself

The reason the government/ANTIFA Are making these videos on me will speak volumes after a quick glance at my website

Danny Boy Limerick

My website is a threat to their very livelihoods and it certainly does’nt help that I am the one steering and sailing that boat. One word. Populism. They detest me 🙂

Be sure to check out the ANTIFA Section of my website also

And Controlled Opposition Section

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Zionist Tommy Robinson Also A Mossad Agent ?

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I’m here to remind you that the self proclaimed elites always finance both sides

Tommy Robinson & English Defense League are paid puppets & controlled opposition.

Zionist Jews couldn’t hijack the BNP, so they funded Tommy Robinson & English Defense League to create a Jew-friendly version of Nationalism.

Nick Griffin (former head of BNP), explains what happened. He starts speaking at the 0.13 mark.

[ame=””]Jews tried to bribe BNP to ignore Jew paper money, & attack Islam. Jews set up EDL, fake sites – YouTube[/ame]


Tommy Robinson the Zionist Fraud – The Real Enemy of Freedom of Speech

Before you read this article it may be beneficial to read our past 2 articles “Police infiltrated by Zionists” “Existentialism” just to help give you more context

Tommy Robinson well that was his name before his real name was exposed in 2010 as Stephen Yaxley which he then changed to Stephen Yaxley Lennon because his step father name Thomas Lennon but he also uses 2 other British Passports going by the names of Andrew McMaster and Paul Harris, he posted a quick covert video from an airport where he was getting his bags searched at the end of the video he guard passes him his passport back and saids “there you go phil” the video was quickly deleted as replies started to be posted mentioning the name change. I think he is currently going by the name of Stephen Christopher Yaxley Lennon as I write this. Would you trust somebody who changes his identitiy so many times? Why was he using the name Tommy Robinson in the first place and why was it exposed?

In 2014 he was convicted for conspiracy to fraudulently obtain two mortgages which involved a mortgage broker called Deborah ROTHSCHILD, he pleaded Guilty to the crimes just like Mrs ROTHSCHILD pleaded guilty to four charges of conspiring to commit fraud and wait for it Tommys cousion Anjee Darcy also pleaded guilty to conspiring to commit fraud along with 2 other gang members Steven Vowles and Lisa Moore who also pleaded guilty to fraud. This was not a witch hunt by the police, this was not the police harassing Tommy Robinson or disruption tactics, this was a clear case of fraud which was carried out by this gang which all members of the gang pleaded guilty! Because Tommy boy is a FRAUD by nature, the Judge Andrew Bright QC described Robinson as the “instigator” which I think is very interesting.

…..I forget Steven Vowles also admitted to being in procession of Cocaine with the intent to supply which makes sense since Tommy boy also has conviction for drug offences.

Talking about cousins, Tommy boy cousin Kevin Carroll was a candidate for the Police Crime Commissioner job in Bedfordshire in 2012 which is interesting.

In 2009 the EDL was launched which is basically another state controlled opposition group in order for the State to play the “Far Right” off the “Far Left” in a simple way to divide and conquer the public by getting them to pick sides (Identiterianism, ID politics, Idenity Politics read our previous article which breaks this down in more detail ). During these staged and clearly orchestrated conflicts between these 2 sides the State is able to then bring in more fascist laws under the illusion of cracking down on “extremism”. This then must make the self confessed leader of the EDL Tommy Robinson a Police Asset!

These pre planned “protests” and “counter protests” are no different then football hooligan fights in the 1970-1980’s, the Police practice the same techniques in crowd management and surveillance, most of the “Far right” are in fact ex football hooligans and where this culture is relevant in Europe they are still active football hooligians. In fact in February 2016 it was organised for Polish football hooligans to be sent into Liverpool where they openly walked around with sport tracksuits with “Polish Hooligans” written on them ( ) They chant adapted football songs, wave flags and banners, alcohol abuse is common and just like the football hooligan days they arrange fights with opposing groups. It should come at no surprise that in these firms had police undercovers and police informants infiltrating theses football hooligan gangs ( ) which is very likely where Tommy Boy was recruited by the Police and put on their pay roll. Tommy boy was a member of the Luton firm The MIGs (Men In Gear) in the 1980’s joined up I am assuming because he was angry that his daddy left him, its also very interesting despite the violence he was involved in he was never charged with any crimes apart from the old Public Order Act.

So lets go back to the Fraud case, this apparently came about after Tommy boy held an old woman hostage at her home 3 months before he was arrested for Fraud. This old woman happened to be a mother of an EDL member and Tommy boy threatened to harm and kidnap the mother allegedly for reason not known to us but had something to do with conflict within the EDL. It is alleged that he was arrested over the incident on his way to fly to Glasgow and the police took his computers and electronic devices and during this investigation they found out about the Fraud . This is an EDL member testimony the son of the mother who he claims who was held hostage, its credibility is your judgement in this other video Tommy boy does seem to be saying things that do line up with the alleged hostage kidnap story

Even Tommy boy himself admits to being asked to become a Police Informant in 2015, he said the Police attempted “blackmail” him into becoming a double agent, to feed them information on Britian First leader Paul Golding. Do you really think Tommy boy would turn down the offer? He is a narcissists and fraud and would jump at the opportunity to make himself feel of some importance.

How many times has Tommy boy snitched to the police on members of the public, in this video you can clearly see him calling the police because some members of the public gave him a reality check

This coward who claims of being Harassed by the Police has a panic button or buttons place all around his house which connects directly to the Police, in this staged event on Zionist Alex Jones Show/ Info Wars he “accidentally” knocked the panic button just as they where about to go on live air and guess what the pigs turn up to protect him and he is ever so thankful. go to 28 mins

So Tommy boy who was a member in the BNP (Britain National Party), which basically morphed into the EDL (English Defence League), with family connection to the BFP (British Freedom Party), with him having direct connection to the Britain First group, the person who set up the PEGIDA UK, you have to ask yourself what is he doing. Its also interesting how all these groups minus the BNP have strong links Zionism and all these groups support the fascist state called “Israel”

…..And the Zionist connection….this is where it gets interesting!

Tommy Robinson is a self confessed Zionist and openly supports the most FACIST state on earth, lets have a quick recap on “Israel”

An apartheid racist state
African people who practice Judaism are not welcome in “Israel” the self confessed “Jewish State” a white “Jewish” state. In “Israel” you have concentration camps just for African Jews who immigrated to “Israel” most are refugees fleeing genocides in Sudan which “Israel” are complicit in (…/) these refugees are treated like dogs with no equal rights in fact they named “infiltrators” by the Zionist regime . They house over 200,000 African Jews in in these concentration camps some are permitted to leave the camps to be basically slaves for the Zionists in “Israel” (…/middle-east/israel) , some are offered $3,500 each to leave the “Israel state” for good (…/israeli-government-to-pay-a…) and for the African Jewish woman they are given birth control injections without their consent or knowledge just like the Nazi Euthenics programs they rolled out in Germany (…/israel-gave-birth-control-t…” ).

“Israel” is racist to its core it is an apartheid state where you have roads and paths only for white “Jews”, you have white “Jews” that feel so comfortable they can grab a homeless African Jew who is using the beach shower to wash himself and take a selfie trophy on their phone like they have been hunting and captured a wild animal (…/20180501-shocking-photos-mi…) the racism and fascism in this so called state is on a level like never seen, worse then Nazi Germany, you have Zionists that claim to be “Left Wing” protesting in the hundreds against a mayor who allowed African Jewish Children to attend white “Jewish” schools… imagine that ( )

They lock up 11 year old girls who dare slap an Israel Defence Force officer because her 15 year old cousin had half of his head blown off by the Zionist regime…/.premium-behind-ahed-tamimi-s-sla… you can see in this video in the link below they think shooting at Palestinians is some type of game or a sport
and the Arabs in Palestine well…the Zionists kicked out 800,000 Palestinian Arabs including Palestinian Jews, Christians, Muslims and Druzes from their homes and made them all refugees with the help of the British Army. Some left for a small strip in Palestine known as Gaza, the Zionists built a wall around the strip and it basically became like it is to day an open air prison. Where prisoners have no right to travel, they have no drinking water and only allowed 2-3 hours of electricity a day. The Zionists control their diet since they control what goes in. They are not allowed to fish pass a certain distance, if they stray they get shot at by the Zionist navy. The Zionists bombed their airport and randomly drops bombs on this tiny strip of 6 miles with 2 million people having no way of defending or protecting themselves. In a recent article an Ad for Israeli maternity ward portrays fetus as future soldier

So how can somebody who claims to be fighting for Freedom Of Speech support such a FACIST state known as “Israel”? A State that arrests hundreds of Palestinians including children over Facebook posts and when Palestinians peacefully protest they get the genitals shot at.

In 2016 Tommy boy visited “Israel” with his friends from Rebel Media which is basically a Mossad front which is owned by another Zionist Ezra Levant , he travelled with another Zionist a presstitute from The Times Of Israel Brain Thomas  Tommy boys old time friend  who goes by the name of Dr. Brain of London on youtube said in one of his videos:

‘I toured Israel with Tommy, in fact Tommy toured Israel with me, I’ve known Tommy for a long time, back to the early days of the EDL. I watched the EDL very carefully. I knew that they were good or at least I knew Tommy and those around him were good from early on. I just knew it.”

David Collier

So who is David Collier who was has been involved in “Tourism” to “Israel   a self confessed “independent researcher” who feeds the media with “anti Semitic” stories, if you have read out previous article you will understand how the “anti Semitism” card is used as a weapon to crack down on free speech….oh wait a minute isnt Tommy Boy meant to be apposing censorship? David Collier has had many bullshit stories printed in mainstream presstitute papers like The Guardian David Collier acts just like the Campaign Against Antisemitism group defaming and attacking Jeremy Corbyn or David Icke or anyone in the public eye who dares to question and speak out about the FACIST state known as “Israel”. For Tommy Boy to be associated to David Collier via 

Dr Brian John Thomas whos job it is to censor people and get people arrested and put in jail for talking negatively about “Israel” seems slightly odd and how and why does David Collier have such a close relationship with mainstream presstitute media. 

On his travels to “Israel” he also took along a woman called Kay Wilson who is yes as you guessed is another proud Zionist who is friends with Neil Masterson who served 16 months in prison for violently attacking, for no other reason other than a hatred of free speech, George Galloway MP here is the link to the attack

Kay Willson, David Collier and Tommy boy also protest the right for members of the public to go on a Al Quds Day march in London which has been going on for years and years without any incidents. Al Quds day is a peaceful protest that happens all around the world created by Iran in the 1970’s to oppose Zionism but Tommy boy wants to ban a protest in England…..but I thought he believed in freedom of speech. Back to the “Israeli” tour you can see him meeting with members in the IDF even posing ontop of a tank, how can someone who believes in freedom support “Israel” who do not even allow Palestinians freedom of travel.

This whole Tommy Robinson phenomenon has to stop and people have to come to their censors, isnt funny how EVERY TIME hes arrested its on camera and pimped out across the media because its all staged, its ALL theater. The Government creates the Problem, waits for a public Reaction then provide the Solution, you are being emotionally and psychologically manipulated by the State, Tommy boy is no beckon of freedom of speech, he is rent boy for the British government and Zionists he is being used to bring in more censorship and fascist laws into this country under the mask of tackling “Extremism” . First they attack the “Far Right” then the “Far Left” and then censor the rest of us, do not support this clown. I am happy he is in jail and hope he gets taught a lesson inside even tho this whole event is to make him into a martyr. How can anyone support this piece of shit that shamelessly exploited children being raped for their own political propaganda, he is no different then rapists and pedophile grooming gangs he goes on about. He is using racism and hatred towards Muslims to divide the public so the British Government can conquer, you can support freedom of speech without supporting these police assets both on the “Far Right” and the “Far left”.


Sources : (link removed)

Archived link:

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