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Response To Government/Freemasons/ANTIFA IAF/LAF Video And Pages

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First OFF anyone with a half a brain cell would know not to listen or believe a single word Out Of Antifas Filthy Nazi Mouths, Wheter They Are IAF or LAF. All weirdos and Pedophiles.

These Are Government/ANTIFA Accounts posing as “Anons” created to sow more division amongst those of us that are truly laying it all on the line, and fast becoming the very bane of the governments/controlled oppositions very existence, not only THAT but putting a HUGE DENT in their UN Agenda 2030 plans for a global fascist dictatorship. Videos / Smear campaigns like these only serve to motivate me to try harder, up my game and hit back harder and that is exactly what i intend on doing. I will not be silenced, say what you want, tell lies to try and worm your way out of your positions as government plants until the cows come home, post what you want, send who you want, they will be met with the same kind of force. The Truth will always Prevail. I am fearless. Fear the man with nothing to lose.

I was roaring laughing at the lies after lies as M15/ANTIFA/IRB/Yellow Vest/Controlled Opposition/Freemasons/Government And Their Lackeys run out of ideas after already failing to stop me, slow me down or even phase me in the slightest. Their lame attempts to break me, my family and circle of friends both offline and online have once again failed miserably. Here is the thing, now you are phuked. You have shown your full hand and i have’nt even started, that’s it ? That’s the best you can do ? I am still here on my laptop, typing with a cuppa, unphased. So now what ? You comin for me or not ? 😀

I have’nt been online much in the past 2 weeks ( just taking a Kit Kat and some Holliers) so it was a perfect window of opportunity for the government plants to bite back. Here is the thing, i am the thorn in their sides, hurting them all in their pockets and they have had enough,. That makes me HAPPY lol 😀 To be attacked like this by the “cancel culture” reassures me that what i am doing in exposing all of the Wolves In Sheeps Clothing, is definitely working and there are a LOT of pissed off wolves out there 😛

I have hundreds of more to expose, both offline and online. I won’t stop now until the addresses of every ANTIFA member, politician and their families and corrupt teachers/guards and any other so called professionals (sell outs) are up online for all to see. Full doxxss, they already know where I live, but don’t have the bottle.

Government Facebook Accounts


We See You

IRELAND AGAINST FASCISM ARE “ANTIFA” THE SELF PROCLAIMED FAR LEFT NAZIs OF IRELAND KNOWINGLY AIDING AND ABETTING IN CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY AND WITH IT, THE PEOPLE OF IRELAND. They are the very same people pushing paedophilia under the guise of under-aged sexual education programmes in “children schools” nationwide.

I took it up with Salesians School in Limerick City and nearly got Mary Cahillane (Of ANTIFA/Solidarity), a teacher there, fired, the guards and ombudsman for childrens education were investigating whether Salesians School namely Clare Ray were knowingly collabing with far left extremists ANTIFA during school hours, Clare Ray (Principal) then reported us (me and my GF to TUSLA) for merely making all the other parents aware that these creepy programmes were taking place, behind closed doors, right under the noses of the parents of those poor children, without any consent. Completely Oblivious. Clare then proceeded to ring my GF using bully boy tactics one Sunday afternoon accusing and blaming my GF for all of the “Extra Work That The School Had To Do On THEIR WEEKEND OFF As A Result Of Me Exposing Them” TUSLA were’nt long backing off also. Filthy Animals The Lot Of Them.

These pro governent ANTIFA vermin are also protesting with extreme violence and aggression in a failed bid to have us all muzzled, silenced with FACE NAPPYS and line up for the poisonous JABBYs /Vaxxxxernations

2 More Government Accounts

Jane Doenahue

John Doenahue

Here you see RICHARD LONG a prominent member of LIMERICK AGAINST FASCISM (Senior Nazi member)AND FAKE FAR RIGHTER AND FRUIT BASKET PHIL BEIRNE take to the “government/shill” accounts under their posts where the smear campaigning was taking place to join in on the charades.

(I’ll copy and paste all of the above into a blog accompanied by images for future reference also)

I can say with all honesty that the individuals being called GOVERNMENT SPIES on these shill accounts are doing some of the most unbelievable astounding and best investigative citizen reporting I have ever seen.

You can actually check them out for yourself in our telegram group here , where we expose all of the controlled opposition.

The Good People Fighting The Good Fight

Also be sure to check out my website and accounts here.


  • ANTIFA Claim to have received “anonymous tip offs” about these lies spewed all over their videos but can’t name the individuals for fear of retaliation ? Really ? So we can all just ASSUME that what ANTIFA are telling us, is true ya ?

Because ANTIFA are known to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth ya ? LMAO 😂

Get a life, digging dirt and throwing your toys out of the pram simply because I am not as easily fooled as a large portion of Patriots out there into following Controlled Opposition and freemasons such as Ben Gilroy or Dolores Cahill. Stop now.

  • I was accused of having XTC tablets in my possession, when i was in my 20s. I’m 42 now. It was 22 years ago. I did’nt even know what a Gestapo or stasi was when i was in my 20s ffs, I was too busy working hard and playing hard, clubbing, Dejaying and dancing. I was set up in Kerry by a Detective – Shane O Driscoll And a Ray Monaghan, I was never found to have any drugs in my possession, someone else in a house party, I person was charged and i was charged 2 years later whilst in college, they arrested me and unlawfully charged me. I broke Shane And Rays hearts with contant blagarding and public orders, running rings and circles around them for years before that so they were hellbent on making me pay for it and they did, by way of a stitch up. There were no other “Drug Dealers” involved. At all.

The images of the attack on me by 2 Guards in Limerick can be found here:


  • When i was 30 (10 Years Later) , me and my mates were involved in a scuffle in a hotel with another crowd at around 2 a.m. We all left, I was followed home by 2 Guards, Cathal O Sullivan and hes associate. I will add pictures of the case details and of the perpetrators, to this blog soon as i can. They left me a right-off. I am not liked very much by the Guards and thats ok, because they are only freemasonic minions and lackeys of the establishment (that’s what i told them on the night “To Phuk Off That They Were Only Minions” and it was read out in court lol, A Darach McCarthy was representing me when all of the evidence “went missing” bar 2 small tiny images of 2 small tiny baton marks on each thigh, the representatives claimed they could’nt find the photos on the day, a big envelope of photos (about 30) and as a result the Judge conveniently justified the force used by the guards on the night, Cathal and hes mate walked free, I appealed the case, my life hasnt been the same since) That’s was the turning point for me, 7 years ago I went to treatment for prescription meds and havent messed with a single “medication” since. I vowed instead to concentrate on my IT credentials and use them to expose the government. That’s around the same time I met a load of Anons online over in Google Plus Groups and eventually got wind of the United Nations Agenda 2021 plans for a prison planet. I that had serious run ins with 77th Brigade Intel Arm Of the British army, CAKU and soros shills online. That’s how i became the Shill Hunter I was exposing the ruling classes Shills for years using this account.

Here is another i used

It Was’nt until the fake pandemic happened that I realized that my expertise in this area after years going after intel agencies and their shill accounts that i was going to be needed back here in our own back yard to tackle the pied pipers and controlled opposition.

  • My Parents moved out of Limerick when i was just 16. I did’nt go with them. I went up and down for years helping them with their discount store before they were made bankrupt about 10 years ago. I sometimes earned my pocket money by going down and helping them with merchandising and storework.
  • My GFs face painting hobby/entertainment is called Stormy Rainbow after our first miscarriage. We were going to call the baby “STORM”. Unfortunately “Storm” did’nt make it first time around and now our Sons name is Ocean “Storm” O Shea 😀 Born 3 years later. The Rainbow part had absolutely nothing to do with LGBT, did’nt even spring to mind. It was because we were going to try for a RAINBOW BABY (a baby that comes after a miscarriage “” )Not that either of us have a problem with gay or homosexual individuals, in fact we both know quiet a few in Limerick and Afar. Let’s get one thing clear, I have never WENT AFTER LGBT members or their community/members, I have no interest in Horizontal Fighting , I want the Nazis, the ones pushing migration replacement agenda, the ones pushing the covid narrative, the climate narrative, Agenda 2021, Agenda 2030 Etc Etc. THE RULING CLASS. I am self admittedly a Avid Populist. I’m neither pro or anti LGBT. I do however have a massive issue with MAPs Minor Attracted Persons Or/And Paedophiles. Period.

My website speaks for itself

The reason the government/ANTIFA Are making these videos on me will speak volumes after a quick glance at my website

Danny Boy Limerick

My website is a threat to their very livelihoods and it certainly does’nt help that I am the one steering and sailing that boat. One word. Populism. They detest me 🙂

Be sure to check out the ANTIFA Section of my website also

And Controlled Opposition Section

Vaccination Horror Show Cover Telegram comP


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Controlled Opposition Dave Cullen Panics And Runs To The Gardai

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Controlled Opposition Dave Cullen panics and runs to the Gardai
Call it the Jussie Smollett Syndrome or Dave’s Jussie Smollett moment.
Dave Cullen is a youtuber and up to Dec 2016 was on youtube doing videos about movie reviews and gaming
Then suddenly over time became more political
His channels are incredibly successful and his videos are both informative and produced really well
He has also interviewed everyone of importance one way or the other and has huge credibility both in Ireland and Internationally
However like Prof Dolores Cahill there have been glaring problems of late.
It all began last week on Wed 28 July 2021 when Gemma O’Doherty and John Waters discussed Controlled Opposition on her channel. Many Plants were exposed from the Yellow Vests Glenn Miller who work out of the same offices as Sinn Fein at 44 Parnell Square West Dublin 1 , to Dee Wall who walks you right into a Wall – of Gardai.
Devious Plant Prof Dolores Cahill who in July 2019 admitted to getting all the names and numbers of the “awkward people” from failed Political Parties Renua and Direct Democracy Ireland. Long before the anti-lockdown protests began and all the talk on the corona virus.
Take a good look at the timeline
1 – Wed 28 July 2021 Exposures
2 – Fri 30 July 2021 Dave Cullen uploads a video about him being targeted by some dark folks indeed

So just 2 Days later, Dave Cullen uploads a Strange Video
In this video he is being targeted by folks and one in what looks like a Hazmat Suit and holding a bucket of paint, in his garden, caught by Dave on his CCTV
Another guy nailing a photo to his Fathers house about ‘ Covid being NOT a Hoax ‘
His Car getting splashed with white paint
The bridge where he lives someone had put ‘Dave Cullin Paedo’ ( Note : His name spelt wrong from Cullen to Cullin ) hmmm we wonder
Satanic Symbols on his window
More Graffiti written on the wall which said “Kid Lover Out” and on and on and on it went

However ask yourself this – who would go to these lengths to expose a potential nobody in Ireland?
Sure his youtube channels get millions of views but do you think that really matters when it comes down to it
None of his Videos have prompted anyone to come out of the blue and cause any trouble for anybody – EVER !!
In fact NEVER !!

His Youtube content make absolutely no difference and so he’s not that important a figure for the Gardai or the Freemasons or anybody to go after – end of story
However Dave Cullen is desperate for you to believe that there is in fact dark forces like the Freemasons out to get him
There isn’t

Dave Cullen is a Coward because when he rang Gemma O’Doherty when she was protesting Croke Park at the Eid Prayer Service on 31 July 2020 last year, she asked him to come down and protest with them, instead of just doing videos. His reply was “GO FUCK YOURSELF ” and not once but 3 times.
The same thing he said at the end of his video. Scare Tactic?
There’s a Problem right there
He sounds plausible in his videos, but responds like a Gardai or worse someone from Antifa itself.

Then again Dave Cullen doing anything ‘on the ground’ is suspect to say the least.
Dave was also at the laughable ‘Freedom Day’ on Sat 24 July 2021 across from the GPO and left around 9.30 PM
just as that other Plant, Graham J Carey took to the microphone. Not exactly showing any conviction to the cause is he, to leave that early.
One might say that whereas Plant Graham J Carey is about as obvious as a Chinese Redhead, Dave Cullen stands out as an Irish Redhead and both are now obvious Plants.
On the ground where your needed never happens with Dave Cullen
Remember Controlled Opposition is NO Opposition

This is Dave Cullen’s Jussie Smollett moment and it’s backfired hugely
No one is chasing Dave for his youtube political videos – he’s not that influential
Sure they’re great and produced really well but ,seriously, enough to warrant harassment to THAT extent? Satanic
Symbols and saying he’s a Paedo.
It’s nonsense
The video footage of the guy in the ‘ hazmat suit ‘ is laughable. The guy looks like an extra from the Horror Movie Halloween
Also the fact that all the main graffiti smear campaigns and guy wandering around his garden with paint, happened at Dave’s Country Cottage in the middle of nowhere is another red flag

The simple fact is that Dave Cullen panicked when the controlled opposition were being called out and did something ridiculous to hide himself from being exposed
It’s like an episode of Columbo where the main crime is committed but then as Columbo closes in on the Culprit, they slip up by doing another crime, which usually rumbles them
That’s what’s really happened here.

Dave Cullen is a Plant, controlled opposition who showed his true colours by running to the Irish Gardai when the heat was on
We need Real People and Real Opposition
Wake up Ireland
It’s Freedom or fascism now !

Original Source

Archived Here :

Original Source Archived Here :

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I would like to say thanks to all the fellow “watchmen”, “Shill Hunters” and “Genuine truthers/researchers/free thinkers” working tirelessly around the clock out there, putting yourself in the trenches, laying it all on the line by sounding the alarm over the last several years, sacrifices have been made, reputations tarnished, online friends and family members have been lost and lots more put on the back burner. You are the real warriors of the so called “End Times”. The unsung Heroes.

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Forbidden Colours (Yellow Vest Ireland Exposed)

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⚠ Yellow Vest Ireland Exposed ⚠

Before even considering to donate another cent if your money or minuteif your time to “Yellow Vest Ireland” the fake grass roots movement. They dissappeared during the pandemic for a reason.

Watch this, It’s the best observation I have seen or heard to date, it’s Thomas Sheridan (exposed irish freemasonary on bitchute) covering

– Yellow Vest Ireland
– Sinn Fein
– Michael D Higgins
– Irish History
– Covid
– Medical Terrorism
– Medical Apartheid
– The Rainbow Culture

Yellow Vest Ireland Socialist Glenn Miller claiming that the real reason that YELLOW VEST IRELAND SHARES THE SAME ADDRESS AS SINN FEIN was an “COPY AND PASTE” error made by their “Web Developer” 🤷‍♂️ 🙄

Original Post for screenshots above

Original Source

#OpWeCanSeeYou 👀

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