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Compiled Email List Of I.N.T.O. Members The Communist Child Grooming Organization

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The Irish National Teachers’ Organization (INTO) is the largest teachers’ trade union in Ireland, The Irish Government and its handlers over in Europe have begun teachings our kids “Underaged Sexual Education” for monirs as young as 5 years of age.

The Irish Government namely Roderic O’Gorman, TD, friend and associate of LGBT+ activist, Peter Tatchell who has stated openly that children between 9 and 14 can enjoy sexual encounters with an adult, along with their fellow Nazi commie comrades and handlers over in Europe have decided, behind closed doors, amongst themselves, without informing a single parent (let alone informed consent from any of the parties) to go ahead and covertly roll out a new creepy and very pervy national curriculum for an UNDERAGED SEXUAL EDUCATION FOR MINOR that would send shivers down the spine of the self confessed pedophile sigmund freud himself.

If the new Minister of Children is happy with Tatchell’s clarification, it is important that Irish parents are too

This is what we are now dealing with in ireland , a bunch of sociopathic, deranged and delusional individuals in power that have absolutely total disregard for our childrens welfare or mental health and instead wish to socially engineer and condition them to accept weirdos that are attracted to children as “The Norm”. This is merely sugar coated pedophilia and the pedophiles have been worming their way into mainstrwam socity for the past number of decades using every Edward Bernays (Founder Of Public Relations and nephew of pedophile Sigmund Freud) trick in the book from social conditioning, fabricated interviews, propaganda, behavioral Sciences and other psycological techniques used to manipulate people’s behavior without their even realizing it using the work of sociologist and a pioneering figure in social psychology Gustave Le Bon. The Nazis used and utilized these same Psycollogical behavioural sciences during WWII (The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind (1895).

Welcome To communist Ireland

These creepy programs have been rolled out unbeknownst to the general public since the beginning of the Plandemic and have been taking place weekly right under the noses of the childrens parents who have been completely oblivious to the repulisive new programs such as “Tickle Time” where a homosexual babysitter “accidentally” tickles the childs private parts, and the child/victims goes to bed without telling mammy or daddy about the incident. I’ll say no more for now…………. It’s bad.

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Safe Time 3rd+4th Class
Safe Time 3rd+4th Class

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Schools in Limerick City have also knowingly been misleading parents and involved in the epitome of evilness and corruption when questioned about these “Classes” taking place. More On That Later….. For Now…..

Here is a compiled list of email addresses relating to that of the child groomers that are part of INTO.

Tell them exactly how you feel, in no uncertain terms about their pedo plans in schools aswell as all the confusing and disgraceful perversion of the “Birds And The Bees” Take back your child’s innocence and roast these offenders

INTO Irish National Teachers Organisation
INTO Irish National Teachers Organization Sporting The Minor Attracted Persons Flag

INTO Flying The New PedoPhilia and ‘Minor Attratced Persons’ Flag (MAP)


INTO (Irish National Teachers’ Organisation)



John Boyle, INTO General Secretary

Irish National Teachers’ Organisation

INTO LGBT+ Teachers’ Group


Irish National Teachers’ Organisation NI


INTO (Irish National Teachers’ Organisation)


NI Teachers Collaborate

INTO LGBT+ Teachers

LAF Openly Supporting INTO And The Ark Dublin
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