Historian Exposes Bill Gates Ties To The Zionists And Nazis feat comP

SHOCKING! Historian Exposes Bill Gates’ Ties To Controlled Opposition NAZIs + More

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Covid is 100% about genocide by way of population control through eugenics and human misery.

This Video shows the link between all the depraved population control eugenicists, murderers, sadists that consider themselves gods, including but not limited to Hitler, Gates, Melinda, WHO, CDC just to mention a few and will join a lot of the dots for you.

This Historian goes through history of elites methods of “Thinning the Herd” otherwise known as “population control”, the history of IBM working with the NAZI and the family connections to planned parenthood. Pierbright patent granted november 2019 of corona virus vaccine for humans. Pierbright funded by Bill Gates. Who also funds the UN, World Health Org, NIH, and has lucrative contracts with Anthony fauci. Fauci anouncing in 2017 that new administration would see a surprise outbreak.(he knew because he had fostered the gain of function development sited in this link ⁣




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